Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson is a visual storyteller. Director, editor, screenwriter, illustrator – if it’s about telling stories with pictures, he’s probably done it.

Best known as an editor, he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Iraq War doc, “Beyond Top Secret,” and has cut episodes of Dan Rather Reports, Glutton for Punishment and a number of other award-winning documentaries. He actually started out in the art department on animated sci-fi shows, storyboarding episodes of MTV’s Aeon Flux and doing production design for Reboot.

Mike is a co-founder of Steam Powered Films, where he has directed numerous award-winning short films and music videos, including “The Bar” starring Peter DeLuise. He and his frequent collaborator, Sam Dulmage, wrote the award-winning horror screenplay “Hell to Pay,” and have several exciting projects in development with Content Engine. He can’t wait to release them on an unsuspecting world. Cue maniacal laughter!

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