About Content Engine

Content Engine is a creative media studio that produces inspiring content to empower Content Creators to become instruments of their own success in the New Hollywood™.

With a distinguished Hollywood track record, Seth Jaret navigates the gap between new and traditional media with innovative concepts, insightful observations and a unique business philosophy that enables Content Creators to succeed by ideating, incubating and marketing their own IP.

Content Engine’s robust web series, interviews, articles, podcasts and videos offer a diverse set of tools and inspiration, insight and methodology for building and monetizing IP and Content Creator brands in the ever-evolving, always-on, omnipresent Mediaverse™.

Leading by example, Seth takes you through his own process and the techniques of other successful Content Creators to help navigate the media paradigm shift currently underway in Hollywood. Frustrated with business as usual and eager to energize others, Seth’s call to action evokes Gandhi’s wisdom: BE THE CHANGE.

Want to get a REAL Hollywood education? You’ve come to the right place.



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