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Seth Jaret, the CEO of Content Engine, played an instrumental role in the entertainment projects (scrolling above) as manager of the writing/directing talent behind them or as a producer, developer, editor, collaborator or dealmaker on them.

Seth executive produced the seminal teen film, 10 Things I Hate About You. He was a contributing editor for Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics (some of which are pictured above). He executive produced the independent feature film, Crazy Kind of Love (retitled from Long Time Gone).


In this video, Seth explains his role as a manager & producer — two of the many hats he wears on a daily basis including writer, developer, packager, Content Creator, marketer, publisher and entrepreneur.

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Content Engine

Content Engine a creative media studio that produces inspiring content to empower Content Creators to become instruments of their own success in the New Hollywood™.

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Want to get a REAL Hollywood education? You’ve come to the right place.

ContentEngine.tv’s robust web series, interviews, articles, podcasts and videos offer a diverse set of tools and inspiration, insight and methodology for building and monetizing IP and Content Creator brands in the ever-evolving, always-on, omnipresent Mediaverse™.

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Jaret Entertainment

Seth’s management/production company, Jaret Entertainment, has been a robust content generator for 16+ years. Its distinguished roster of writers, directors and authors feeds high-quality material to film, television and publishing. Jaret’s clients have included the A-list writers of The Ugly Truth, The House Bunny and Legally Blonde to the writers of Whip It, Ramona & Beezus and Rounders to the directors of Repo Men, The Wedding Date, and the first season of the AMC series, Hell on Wheels. Its Content Creators include reality showrunners, award-winning documentary filmmakers and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. His clients often appear on Variety’s “Top Ten Writers to Watch” and Hollywood’s “Black List.”

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The Content

Content Engine ideates, incubates and accelerates projects across multiple media platforms.

Content Engine knows how to source content, drive content strategy and build IP and Content Creator brands. Leveraging our breadth of experience and expertise in all forms of media, we guide the process of content creation from ideation to implementation with an entrepreneurial, positive and thought-provoking approach.

We are the career architects of the A-list creators behind such projects as Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You, Rounders, The Ugly Truth, and The House Bunny, Whip It, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and countless others. With more than 18 years of success in media, we’ve helped conceive, develop, package, market and produce IP in areas as diverse as film, television, publishing, comics and digital.

Content Engine bridges the gap between creativity and commerce, tech and Hollywood, new and traditional media.

Storytelling is how you engage your audience. At Content Engine, we’re here to help you tell the best story in the most effective way possible. At a time when media itself has become the message, content has the power to create consciousness. Consciousness means audience engagement — with your IP, with your brand, with you.

Content Engine approaches each idea, each project and each content partner as a brand.

Content Engine will help you identify and answer:

What is the formula for creating great IP?

What is your trajectory as an artist? A Content Creator? A brand? A business enterprise?

What is your content strategy for telling your story in a compelling and engaging way?

What are the appropriate platforms to roll out  and to establish your IP?

How do you create and foster your personal brand? How do you build it?

Content Engine energizes content and gives it trajectory.



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