What does it mean to be a Content Creator?

A Content Creator is someone who is actively creating and publishing original content to an audience on one or more media platforms.

Traditionally, artists could be silo’d entities who worked in their one specific are of expertise — journalism, screenwriting, books, television, comics — but the ever-evolving Mediaverse has rendered that kind of artist obsolete. Artists and creative talent now need to be present and actively publishing content across multiple media platforms, building audience, engaging with fans and reaching out to the splintered and variegated market segments to build their unique and individual brands.

In the past, Big Media was able to control the channels of distribution. There were enormous barriers to reaching audience through only a handful of gatekeepers that controlled all media distribution channels. We were both captive audiences and captive artists. But now there has been a democratization of media. The Mediaverse has been cracked wide open. There are no barriers to entry and due to our wired interconnectivity, popular content is accessible, immediate, pervasive, virtually free and omnipresent.

This new and ever-evolving Mediaverse creates a unique and golden opportunity for artists to evolve themselves into Content Creators: pro-active, entrepreneurial and engaging purveyors of original IP (Intellectual Property) across multiple media platforms. A writer becomes a Content Creator by writing across many channels — she may author a book, script a pilot and post daily updates to her blog. A director as Content Creator directs in a variety of forms — movies, television, short films, viral videos and theater. An illustrator might pencil a digital comic and then illustrate a children’s book.

Regardless of the form or the platform, a true Content Creator is actively generating new material (IP), publishing consistently, and constantly pushing content to an active, engaged and participatory audience.

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