Open Memo to Content Creators

Recently you’ve raised a number of important questions related to How Representation Will Evolve. Allow me to respond.

As Content Creators, all of your traditional media efforts can and should continue. What I advocate is supplemental to doing everything you might be doing to “get an agent or manager” and to find a producer or financier for your projects.

In the interim, we’ve entered an age of the Mediaverse™ in which Content Creators need to think of themselves as brands (even successful, “established” Content Creators). One can no longer be a silo’d writer, silo’d director or silo’d anything. You must see yourself as a brand with a distinct voice and unique point-of-view.

In order to be relevant and to stand out from the crowd, Content Creators must publish their unique and original content to any one of a number of new distribution platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, a blog, website, etc.) on a regular and consistent basis. The tools are accessible and the cost is virtually nonexistent. It just takes dedication, creativity and time. It also takes some moxie to Hang it Out There, but it’s essential that you do so.

We’re also in a traditional media environment that requires proof of audience on other platforms, which is why the studios are making so many errant IP grabs, remaking everything in sight and trying to launch franchises from non-narrative board games.

Yes, writers and directors need advocates, but the role of those advocates must evolve in the same way the responsibilities and purview of writers and directors (Content Creators) must evolve to remain vital.

Endeavor in all respects and on all platforms. In the meantime, eschew the permission of the gatekeepers and publish your creative works to your own Micro-Audience™.

And remember at all times to “Inspire, Have Fun and Be the Change.”

Before you know it, you’ll be an integral part of New Hollywood™.

Content Engine is here to help.

Good luck!



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  1. Meme Kelly says:

    Really enjoyed your video about what you do and the blog post to content creators. I’m a content creator who is in need of a manager:). I’m sending you an email today.

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