Seth Jaret on Media’s Paradigm Shift with MyTeeVee

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Here’s an in-depth interview with Seth Jaret by Andres Faucher of MyTeeVee about the current state of Hollywood (the traditional media business) and the allure, efficacy and proliferation of New Media. 
This conversation was originally live-streamed on and is now available to anyone who wants to take advantage of the wealth of information contained within — FOR FREE!

Clearly, we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in media, but how do we navigate it successfully? This interview will provide you with some of the answers and a roadmap.

Some of the topics covered include how I got my start in Hollywood, how to break into Hollywood, the power of networking, how to scout talent, the difference between a manager and a producer and the reality of producing projects in today’s Hollywood, why we’re in the midst of a television renaissance, the concept of MicroAudience™, the importance of the four quadrants and what they are, why cable networks are content leaders, why you should follow your voice, creativity and fresh ideas, the changing media landscape, the goal of working in new media, how to successfully navigate the Mediaverse™, the definition of Content Creator, how to build your brand with all of the media platforms now available to Content Creators, how “Melange is the New Job Description™,” the importance of engaging an audience, why you are brand and how to build and leverage your brand without diluting it.

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Some of the resources for Content Creators and aspiring Content Creators I mention in the interview: - is a new platform for Content Creators to share, collaborate and promote their work. Check it out! (1:27:11) (1:08:17)

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