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  • The Algorithm of Hollywood

    The Algorithm of Hollywood

    Why would writers want to kill this man? There was recent article in The New York Times about using data “to solve the equation of the hit film script.” While I’m in favor of any great idea that might improve the quality of a screenplay – or movies as a whole – I am conflicted about what this means for the future of Hollywood… and humankind. Stats might reflect what formulas will work, but they have NOTHING to do with creativity, [...]

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  • Seth Speaks about Change in Hollywood to Women In Film

    Seth Speaks about Change in Hollywood to Women In Film

    Seth Jaret gives an inspiring 30 minute talk to Women In Film in Malibu, California. He introduces a number of insights and original concepts on media including: defining what it means to a “Content Creator,” what the “Mediaverse™” is and how to navigate it, “Permission” and why you shouldn’t be seeking it, “Gatekeepers” and why you don’t need them, “Free is the New Black,” “Micro-Audiences” and how to leverage them, “Show me the Love” and more… If you are an [...]

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  • What “I Don’t Disagree” Really Means in Hollywood

    What “I Don’t Disagree” Really Means in Hollywood

    “Read Between The Lines” Hollywood has a vernacular all its own and it’s best to learn the lingo so that you can become an eloquent practitioner. It’s what identifies you as a native to the other members of our tribe, as someone who’s in the know. Among the Town’s most popular pieces of parlance is “I don’t disagree.” But is it an affirmation worth a damn or is it just another equivocation on the road to development hell? Rather than [...]

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  • Hollywood for Breakfast

    Hollywood for Breakfast

    Hollywood is like a big English muffin: often packed with empty calories, but almost universally palatable. Like an English muffin, though, Hollywood is full of nooks and crannies, and while that adds an interesting texture to your breakfast, if you don’t make it a policy to investigate every single nook and peer into every cranny of the business, you might be the one getting crunched. The business of entertainment — a business of information and communication — demands a tremendous [...]

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