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  • Tony Stark Recast as a Toddler in Iron Baby

    Tony Stark Recast as a Toddler in Iron Baby

    Don’t treat this toddler with kid gloves. He means business. Look Who’s Talkin’ meets Iron Man in “Iron Baby.” Tony Stark goes four quadrant: here’s his origin story going as far back as when he was a toddler. It could be a place to take the franchise if Marvel runs out of ideas for its genius super hero and wants to broaden his demographic. It’s a way to keep the franchise fresh while recasting Tony Stark as a less jaded, more [...]

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  • Nuit Blanche

    Nuit Blanche

    Every now and then a film or a short comes out that defies conventional story telling. Remember the opening sequence to “Up” where Carl’s entire relationship with his wife Ellie was shown in 4 minutes of action with little to no dialogue? In that short time, the directors were able to convey how special their relationship was. I remember looking around the theaters to see people not just crying, but literally bawling their eyes out. I posit that no movie [...]

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  • The Astrology of Bond—James Bond (Part 2)

    The Astrology of Bond—James Bond (Part 2)

    “But James, I need you!” “So does England!” –The Spy Who Loved Me  Even though he returned to star in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery turned out not to be eternally bound to an eternal Bond. After Connery finally bailed, the producers, having had a single dalliance with a frustrated George Lazenby, went back to someone they had thought about hiring for several years—the great English “Saint,” Roger Moore. Like Lazenby, Moore had started out as a model. Always [...]

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  • Dumb Ways to Die

    Dumb Ways to Die

    A smart way to make a PSA on being dumb. This PSA is entertaining and adorable, even when blood is being spilled. Most importantly, it went super viral. It’s done millions and millions of views since we first posted it.        

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  • The Astrology of Bond—James Bond

    The Astrology of Bond—James Bond

    “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” –from Goldfinger The name is Bond—James Bond; the most famous superspy of them all. It’s been fifty years since Sean Connery first embodied him in Dr. No, and with the current raves for Daniel Craig’s Skyfall, we have a great opportunity to see how an iconic movie character—and the actors who’ve portrayed him—can be a real mirror of the times. The longest-running franchise in film history, [...]

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  • Breezeblocks by alt-J – Murder In Reverse

    Breezeblocks by alt-J – Murder In Reverse

    Be prepared music industry, the up-and-coming folk-step group Alt-J is looking to shock the world and capture an audience by pairing their distinctly unique style of music with some unbelievable music videos. The playwright James Aurthur Baldwin once wrote, “Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war.” With the video for the song, Breezeblocks, from Alt-J’s debut album, An Awesome Wave, he and director Ellis Bahl [...]

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  • The Ra Truth: Star Presence – Election 2012 Predicted

    The Ra Truth: Star Presence – Election 2012 Predicted

     ELECTION 2012 ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS PART 3: THE ELECTION WINNER PREDICTED Astrologers are like cosmic detectives, always looking for the edge when it comes to insight about events. Astrology has a number of ways to discern results, whether personal or national. The most common is to look at the transits, or energy patterns, that the planets are currently making to a birth chart, which holds the blueprint of energy for the person or nation. The United States of America actually has no clearly [...]

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  • The Ra Truth: Star Presence – Election 2012 (Part 2)

    The Ra Truth: Star Presence – Election 2012 (Part 2)

     ELECTION 2012 ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS PART 2:  THE POLITICAL PARTNERS No one runs for president of the United States by themselves… although sometimes we may think they should. The vice presidential candidate can either bring strength or weakness to the ticket and this year’s election shows a great contrast of personalities. Here is the birth chart of current Vice President Joe Biden: Biden’s Sun-sign is Scorpio, an intense sign known for passion and insight—not to mention secrecy and behind-the-scenes diplomacy. Biden, of [...]

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  • The Ra Truth: Star Presence – Election 2012 (Part 1)

    The Ra Truth: Star Presence – Election 2012 (Part 1)

    ELECTION 2012 ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS PART 1:  THE CHARTS OF ROMNEY AND OBAMA There was a time when astrologers were in danger of losing their heads if their predictions were not borne out by subsequent events. Despite the apparent flood of lunacy this election cycle, I think I’m currently safe. Wait! Let me check that lock again. Okay—so far, so good. This is a race that has tightened—as astrologers have predicted it would—as Election Day draws closer. This fits with the rather [...]

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  • Be The Change You Can Imagine

    Be The Change You Can Imagine

    Our imagination has the power of the imaginal cells of the caterpillar. Incredibly, the “imaginal cells” of the caterpillar contain the latent potential for the transformation of the wriggling worm-like caterpillar into the winged and beguiling butterfly. This is an apt and inspiring metaphor for our own potential transformation. Within our “imaginal cells” lie the seeds for our own metamorphosis — our own personal potential is limited only by our ability to imagine it. By embracing this truth, we can [...]

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  • SIGHT — Taking Dating to the Next Level

    SIGHT — Taking Dating to the Next Level

    A cool short film about where technology is taking us… in the dating world. “Sight” provides a glimpse into a chilling future where gaming and dating collide and the virtual and real worlds combine. “Sight” illustrates both the amazing possibilities and the problems that come with progress. Visually, this short is phenomenal, and the embedded ocular modification it posits is a cool and believable byproduct of upcoming gadgets such as Google glasses.  While we may at first be engrossed with [...]

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  • Where “Hollywood Drive & Talk” Begins

    Where “Hollywood Drive & Talk” Begins

    A snapshot of where Hollywood Drive & Talk often has its genesis. Sometimes it starts as just a word or a kernel of an idea that I think might be a fun or interesting topic to cover. Other times, the ideas spill forth as seeds for future episodes. In any case, this brainstorming session filled quite a few Post-its. Watch for the completed episodes when they are released. Until then, I hope they are eagerly anticipated. In any case, you’ve [...]

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