SIGHT — Taking Dating to the Next Level

A cool short film about where technology is taking us… in the dating world.

“Sight” provides a glimpse into a chilling future where gaming and dating collide and the virtual and real worlds combine.

“Sight” illustrates both the amazing possibilities and the problems that come with progress. Visually, this short is phenomenal, and the embedded ocular modification it posits is a cool and believable byproduct of upcoming gadgets such as Google glasses.  While we may at first be engrossed with the world these filmmakers create and the possibilities such devices might offer us, it is important not to miss the underlying theme: “Technology can improve our lives, but at what cost?” The filmmakers, May-raz and Lazo’s, cautionary tale stresses that tech is a powerful tool, but a tool which we cannot allow to become a social crutch nor one that we should abuse.

As part of the Y generation, I’m fortunately caught between two worlds; I remember a time before the take-off of mass technology, but can still skillfully navigate the digital Mediaverse™ unlike my parents, who approach each gadget as if it were a poisonous snake. “Sight,” is very much a message for those young men and women of generation Z, who can’t imagine a non-digitally interactive world. They have grown up in a culture dominated by social media and tech dependency. Although relevant, this message is not for them alone as many of us spend most of our time with our noses buried in our smartphones, constantly checking to see if we have a new text, tweet, voicemail, email, or Facebook notification. When this happens, we ignore the real world we live in and forgo real interactions for virtual ones. With technology rapidly advancing and expanding, this story serves as a warning, to all of us, of the possible dangers that lie in store for us. Maybe, just maybe, its time for all of us to turn off our devices, reevaluate the importance of their role within our lives and open our eyes to the real world around us.

– Adam Biederman, Content Engine Intern



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