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  • What’s your Superpower?

    What’s your Superpower?

    Kids. So diminutive, and yet, so powerful. Something all kids have at their disposal, something all parents recognize, is the power of WHINING. It’s a mind-splitting, soul-piercing, stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks, rock-you-to-your-core Superpower that kids exercise with reckless abandon. Like a giant who doesn’t know its own strength, kids often don’t even know they are doing it. It juuuust comes out that waaaaaaay. It’s incredibly effective at eliciting another cookie, making Mom hang up the phone, getting to watch your favorite TV show, [...]

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  • Hollywood for Breakfast

    Hollywood for Breakfast

    Hollywood is like a big English muffin: often packed with empty calories, but almost universally palatable. Like an English muffin, though, Hollywood is full of nooks and crannies, and while that adds an interesting texture to your breakfast, if you don’t make it a policy to investigate every single nook and peer into every cranny of the business, you might be the one getting crunched. The business of entertainment — a business of information and communication — demands a tremendous [...]

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  • Panic! At The Disco & Steampunk D.I.Y.I.P.

    Panic! At The Disco & Steampunk D.I.Y.I.P.

    I met the Art & Media Director involved in a Steampunk recreation and performance group, The League of Steam. The League of Steam generates what I call D.I.Y.I.P. or Do-It-Yourself Intellectual Property. D.I.Y.I.P is a way content creators with a common interest can home-grow their own IP with the potential to coagulate a niche group of fans or micro audience (to be explicated in a later post). That micro audience has tremendous value for D.I.Y.I.P. because what starts as a [...]

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  • The Media Entrepreneur’s Desktop

    The Media Entrepreneur’s Desktop

    Here’s a screen shot of the open windows on my computer. Just a sample of the notes, images, files, projects, emails, video and other priorities currently on my mind…

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    After being inspired by the thought leaders in interactive media I was exposed to at last year’s SXSW, I’ve proposed giving a presentation at next year’s SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive Festival. It will take a moment of your time to register your email and establish a password, but once you do, it’s only a click to vote it thumbs up. My talk is called BE A BRAND: HOW TO BE A TRANSMEDIA CONTENT CREATOR. You can click here to [...]

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  • Social Media Strategy — Some Initial Guidelines

    Social Media Strategy — Some Initial Guidelines

    Guy Kawasaki‘s guideline for effectively using social media: provide information, analysis or assistance. I’d suggest one could add “entertainment” to that list and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to provide here, through the platform of Content Engine: information, analysis, assistance and perhaps inspiration as it all relates to entertainment, storytelling and creativity in one form or another and on as many platforms as possible. Michael Margolis posits that we all have the potential to be storytellers. Watch from 3:25 for [...]

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  • Coppola on Risktaking

    Coppola on Risktaking

    Some further inspiration from Coppola: Take risks! Fear of risk holds you back. Don’t say “no,” especially to yourself.  

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  • Are you like Francis Ford Coppola?

    Great video interview of Francis Ford Coppola. I found it inspiring — ignore the jazz track and start watching at 1:10. This particular video won’t embed, so you have to copy and paste the url: Coppola was so accomplished at this stage in his life, yet it’s surprising to hear his reply to the question, “How do you think of yourself — as a director, writer, publisher, producer?” Check it out.

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