Social Media Strategy — Some Initial Guidelines

Guy Kawasaki‘s guideline for effectively using social media: provide information, analysis or assistance.

I’d suggest one could add “entertainment” to that list and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to provide here, through the platform of Content Engine: information, analysis, assistance and perhaps inspiration as it all relates to entertainment, storytelling and creativity in one form or another and on as many platforms as possible.

Michael Margolis posits that we all have the potential to be storytellers. Watch from 3:25 for his cut-to-the-chase rules of thumb on social media.

The three questions he suggests you ask about a post before sending it into the social media universe:

1) Is it inspiring, provocative or insightful? Say something meaningful.

2) Are you making people laugh or smile — ideally at the expense of yourself? Be playful.

3) Are you making people feel good about themselves? Social media is about energy — why perpetuate negative energy? Evaluate the energy you are putting out there before you do so.

With these guidelines, you are armed with a way to shape your social media presence in a productive, positive, and ideally, in an entertaining manner.

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