Gigniks Interview: Seth Jaret as Manager & Producer

Here’s a succinct video overview of what Seth Jaret does as a manager & producer — two of the many hats he wears on a daily basis including developer, packager, Content Creator, video editor, marketer, blogger, social media marketer, consultant, guest speaker, entrepreneur and dad.

This career interview was produced, filmed and edited by high school students at LACES (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies), a magnet school, for a new organization called gigniks.

gigniks is a non-profit program run by Simon Maskell, who is developing a fun and informative student-generated career guidance resource for high school kids. Now that guidance counselors are largely a thing of the past, high school students can turn to GIGNIKS for career education and insight into a diversity of vocations through online video interviews with various professionals in entertainment and other fields.

Watch the video to get some insight into how I spend my days.

You can check out the rest of the gigniks video interviews here.



  1. I love it! Kudos to the kids.

  2. Seth Jaret says:

    Thank you. The kids were great. And since guidance counselors don’t exist anymore, it seems like a great way for the kids to get professional career exposure. And they did very nice job filming and editing the piece.

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