Guinevere Turner explains the perils of working with Uwe Boll


Via Joystiq:

“Scripts are late. Writers are two years late. I was two weeks late,” Bloodrayne film screenwriter Guinevere Turner passionately explains in an interview pulled from “Tales From the Script,” a documentary showcasing stories from across the world of screenwriting. “Uwe Boll calls me [on the phone], ‘This is fucking disgusting! You lied to me! Where is my script?!’,” she continues, demonstrating how she held the phone away from her head as he yelled.

Unsurprisingly, Turner wasn’t a fan of being yelled at, and instructed her manager to make sure she never heard from Boll again. When she turned in the script, however, Turner still expected to work with Boll on future drafts. That wasn’t to be, as she recalls that Boll accepted the very first “nasty, little scrappy draft”and went right into production (though she notes that only about 20 percent of what she wrote made it into the film’s final cut). When Bloodrayne finally debuted at Los Angeles’ famous “Mann’s Chinese Theater,” Turner says she was the only one in the room of production staff “laughing out loud.”

Adding insult to injury, Turner closes the interview by saying, “It’s like a 25 million dollar movie, and it blows! I mean, it’s like the worst movie ever made.” But then, maybe she hasn’t seen Far Cry?

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