Hollywood Drive & Talk – Catch The New Hollywood™ Wave

The wave is coming . Start paddling. 

In this Nighttime Hollywood Drive & Talk, Seth advises Content Creators not to get caught without a paddle on the wave of New Hollywood™.

YouTubers are building tremendous distribution leverage on new media platforms and aggregating popular channels into robust networks. Movie studios don’t get it. Content Creators musn’t get caught outside as the wave of New Hollywood™ approaches. Start paddling now.

“Give Seth 3 minutes, he’ll give you Entertainment.”™ Hollywood Drive & Talk: It’s a business seminar… from the car.

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This episode of Hollywood Drive & Talk was edited by Art St. Germain — http://vimeo.com/artstgermain



  1. Sage Rainbow says:

    Your drive and talk was cogent,concise,informative and inspirational.

    Keep driving and talking!

  2. Max Myers says:

    Seth, your’e 100% on the $ – catch the wave or drown in the back wash; no one likes back wash.

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