Invisible Thank You Notes

If you can't see me, is my presence still felt?

It’s the thought that counts.

Isn’t that what they say? I wholeheartedly agree. And I tend to think the thought counting also saves a whole lot of trees.

I like to carry with me an attitude of gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life. Often, when my heart is bursting with appreciation, I feel like penning thank you notes to everyone whom I credit with contributing to my blissful state of mind: my wife, my clients, an agent who has done me a solid, the studio executive who has made good on their promise to get something done, a friend who is simply a good friend, my cell phone customer service rep who went the extra mile, my gardener, my neighbor, and so on.

Ultimately, the actual writing of the notes (the pen to paper part) isn’t always practical. When I have the thought, it’s often tied to powerfully positive intention, but then life intercedes. I get busy and the follow-through may not happen, or I get edited by my inner critic who tells me it’s not such a great idea to send a thank you note “just because.” What will people think?

Does it count that I had the thought? Does it register on a psychic level –– a karmic level –– that I sent the intended recipient an invisible thank you note instead?

I believe it does. The thought always counts. And conducting your life with an attitude of gratitude creates a karmic wave that reverberates to everyone around you and returns to you in kind.

Besides, when you receive an actual thank you note, you tend to read it once, say, “That’s nice,” and then toss it into the shredder so no one can steal your identity.

Is it any less effective to send an Invisible Thank You Note?

Maybe on those days when you are feeling particularly appreciated even though no one has singled you out with a compliment, someone somewhere has sent you an invisible thank you note. Maybe it was me.

While we’re on the subject, thank YOU for taking the time to digest what you’ve read. I enjoy reading your invisible comments full of invisible feedback.

Your Invisible Thank You Note is in the mail.



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