Astrology Predicts the Oscars — Best Actor & Best Actress

Emotion is what the astrological atmosphere is emitting right now, and the 2012 Academy Awards will follow suit. Those who earn their accolades now are those who have moved the audience, not merely entertained them. This year’s crop of nominees do an especially good job of it. But who gets to hold the gold this year?


It’s always a delight to see an explosive performance by a young person honored by the Academy. Here’s the astrological chart of Rooney Mara:

Once again we have no known birth time, but we can see much without it.

It is hard to think of a more appropriate role for an Aries—known for their passion and warrior-like spirit—than the cyber-punk played by Ms. Mara in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” With four major planets in Aries plus a couple of asteroids (which in astrology add subtle factors to the personality), she IS Lisbeth Salander. The nomination corresponded with Uranus (breakthroughs) crossing her Moon (emotional acceptance). But there are few current aspects that say “Oscar!” in her chart. So she won’t win, but we’ll see much more of her in the future. Aries likes to lead, not follow.

Glenn Close’s chart comes next.

Her chart is remarkable for its power. With Pluto (intensity) rising in Leo and three major planets in the 8th House (associated with Scorpio and ruled by Pluto), Glenn Close is known for her strong and intense roles. This year her role in “Albert Nobbs” has a real shot at an upset because of Jupiter (honors) moving through the top of her chart, which usually brings recognition.

Venus (artistry) is also in a fortunate angle to her Moon (emotions). She’d be the one to pick for a bar bet. But other transits that would close the deal are not to be found right now. I’m going to say Close, but no cigar.

Next, another possible dark horse winner, Michelle Williams:

Michelle’s transformation into Marilyn Monroe stood out in “My Week with Marilyn” because of its nuances, and if there’s anything a Sun-sign Virgo knows about, it’s perfecting nuances. Michelle’s under invigorating but somewhat difficult aspects right now—with the exception of the sudden and possibly wonderful transit of Uranus (ZAP!) trine Venus (arts). This is a hard call, but I’m looking for more from a winner’s chart. Sorry, Michelle.

Now we come to the battle royale.

Viola Davis (time unknown) also has a powerhouse of a chart, with Sun (identity) and Mercury (communication) in the noble sign of Leo. Her motto in “The Help” was “Dream big. Dream fierce.” That certainly suits a Leo! We find Uranus and Pluto (rebellion and power) sitting together in her chart, being transited by Mars around Oscar time. It’s explosive, ambitious and perhaps describes some unforeseen conflict, but does it depict a winner?

I’d say we need something else, and while Venus (pleasures) does make a flowing angle to her Sun, Mars is also just past an opposition to Saturn (frustrations) and Mercury conjoins Chiron (wounds). I don’t think it’s currently in the stars for her to win, despite being called the favorite.

And who does that leave? None other than Meryl the Magnificent!

There are many astrological reasons to think Meryl will win, besides sentiment from the Academy over her long absence from the winner’s podium. For one, Jupiter, (honors) is moving through Taurus at the top of her chart, in the 10th House of status. It’s where we also find Meryl’s Moon, signifying a long career and public adulation. The Moon on Oscar night is also right there, so expect a standing ovation when she wins.

Neptune (ruler of film and glamour) sits at zero degrees Pisces, in a precise flowing trine to her Sun/Uranus conjunction in Cancer. A more fitting energy for film honors is scarcely to be found. And it will be a surprise (Uranus), as Viola is the favorite. But it has been 29 years, a complete Saturn Return since her last win. Saturn (accomplishment) is once more perching right where it was when she last won. Uranus (breakthroughs) is also trining her Ascendant, or image. In short, it’s just her time.

Can’t wait to hear her speech!


The star power really cranks in this category! First up, the man who previously played Che Guevara and currently stars in “A Better Life,” Demian Bichir.

Demian’s chart has much to commend it, with Pluto (empowerment) currently making a harmonious trine to its own natal position, and Uranus (sudden change) making another trine to Venus (the arts). But the clinching aspects for winning an Oscar (mostly good Jupiter contacts) are, I’m afraid, not to be found. He’s Mr. Congeniality, though, and will no doubt find his way back another year. His chart shows much promise in the next several years, when those powerful Pluto aspects kick in.

We do have a strong Oscar contender now in Gary Oldman:

Star of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” Gary is currently in the middle of a lot of astrological action. Neptune (film/creativity) is in a direct opposition to Pluto (power issues) in his chart, which is tricky when it comes to trusting people: Academy members may like him (hence the nomination) but vote for someone else. He’s coming up to a Uranus trine Uranus (lucky break), so expect him to continue his hot film streak. But as for an Oscar—well, there’s always next year. No energy patterns in his chart carry him over the threshold into the winner’s circle.

Brad Pitt’s chart is also majorly activated right now.

A Sun-sign Sagittarius with five major planets in Earth Signs, this is a fun-loving guy who actually takes himself VERY seriously. Pluto (power through transformation) is currently in a square—a hard 90-degree angle to his Jupiter (honors and life goals) as well as sitting next to his Mars (aggressiveness). These are stormy seas, astrologically speaking, and while he had enough Jupiter transits (read: good reviews) to snag a nomination, I am afraid Mr. Pitt will have to be content this year with watching from the audience as the Oscar is handed to….

Well, quite possibly, George Clooney.

George has a mixed energy pattern in his chart at this time, but the majority of the transits are extremely positive. He’s under a Jupiter-square-Jupiter transit, a lucky time period whose only downside is personal excess. Jupiter’s also in his Sun-sign Taurus, so that cosmic Santa Claus has George dead in his sights.

Pluto (empowerment) is also now sitting in a flowing trine to its own position as well as aspecting his Ascendant, or self-image. He is exuding both likeability and gravitas, as befits his schmuck-turned-responsible father role in “The Descendants.” Except for a sticky Saturn-square-Saturn aspect (possible hard times), George is floating free.

Will he win? I give him 50/50 odds.

The only one who can stop him is “The Artist” himself, the French actor Jean Dujardin.

Mr. Dujardin’s chart has several excellent energy patterns occurring now that may well give him the Oscar. Saturn (accomplishment) sits in a flowing trine in late Libra to his Sun/Venus/Ascendant grouping in late Gemini—a sign of hard work paying off. Venus (love/artistry) is also at the top of his chart, indicating affection in career matters.

Jupiter (giver of abundance) has just passed an exact trine to its own position, indicating a big flow of blessing just as Academy members were voting. Uranus (the lightning bolt) is also in a fortunate angle to Neptune (film/creativity) and opposite the Moon…a sign of major emotional change.

So I’m going with The Artist. Energetically, it’s close. I won’t be surprised if Clooney wins because of built-up goodwill, but the stars say Mr. Dujardin has the astrological edge.

Next time, by the heavens, we pick the Best Picture of the year.



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