Astrology Predicts the Oscars – Best Director

The 2012 Oscar race for Best Director, while loaded with talent, is a bit frustrating for an astrologer in that only two of the five nominees (Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese) have a listed birth time. But we can set the others’ birth charts for noon and look at planetary transits to determine what energies are at work come Oscar time, and this will help us discern a probable winner.


First, we’ll look at “Tree of Life” director, Terrence Malick.

Malick has the chart of a philosopher (Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius) and it shows in his films. Sagittarius is associated with the search for meaning, and likes to ask the Big Questions. “The Tree of Life” is about the origin of life on Earth and in the Universe itself. What could be bigger than that? Will his large vision help him at Oscar time? He’s actually under lovely energies right now (Venus in a flowing trine to his natal Venus), and Saturn (accomplishment) sitting in a nice sextile, or opportunity angle, to his Jupiter (rewards) means that he has an outside chance at pulling this off. But Jupiter (abundance) sitting at cross purposes to Pluto (power issues) says to me that he is well-appreciated but not recognized this year.

Next, our old friend, Woody Allen.

Woody, who never comes to these things anyway, has a very good chance at pulling an upset this year. “Midnight in Paris,” while not universally loved, is already considered one of his better films, and has made more money than anything else he’s done. Jupiter (honors) is just past a sextile to his Saturn (work) and Neptune (film, among others things) is closing in on his 7th House cusp of relationships.

Any time an outer planet hits an angle, the chart reverberates with that specific energy, and while Neptune may also confuse or dissolve his relationship, it may bring him rewards for his film work. But with Uranus (inspiration) making a flowing trine to his Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (writing, communicating big ideas), I expect Woody to win for Best Screenplay rather than Best Director.

Next comes Alexander Payne, director of “The Descendants.”

Here we have a chart that currently has specific strengths and weaknesses. The Sun is in Aquarius, a sign associated with humanitarianism, and Payne is known for the essential humanity of his films. A very sensitive man (five planets in Pisces), what he reveals in his films comes from his own deep sense of emotional connection.

Jupiter (success) is currently making a harmonious angle to his Moon, giving him a great shot at winning, more so because Neptune (ruler of film) has just entered Pisces and is approaching his Moon. Venus also sits in a sextile (opportunity angle) to his Sun on Oscar night. But Saturn (at times, restrictive) is now sitting right on his Mars (assertiveness), and it’s a frustrating time energetically. If not for this transit, I’d pick him to win. Unfortunately, it says it’s a slog.

Now we come to the director of “Hugo,” Martin Scorsese.

Scorsese’s films are typically full of violence and extreme behavior, both of which are associated with his Sun-sign Scorpio, which is why “Hugo,” an enchanting film about a boy associating with one of the inventors of film, is such a delightful surprise. Being a film historian and donator to film restoration work obviously comes from Scorsese’s heart. “Hugo” got the most nominations this year, but will its director take home the gold?

Jupiter (giver of fortune) is in Taurus and Scorsese has Taurus at the Midheaven, the place of status in his chart. But it’s closing in, it’s not fully there yet. Jupiter also squares Pluto (power issues), indicating a “We’d-love-to-but-may-not” attitude on the part of Academy members to reward him. However, Uranus is in a sextile (opportunity angle) to its own position, and this is often indicative of an upset.

It’s tempting to see Martin Scorsese rewarded with an Oscar for creating an enchanting film about film’s enchantment. It’s at least 50/50 astrologically, and I won’t be surprised if it happens. In fact, I’d be personally delighted.

But the chart of the director of “The Artist,” Michel Hazanavicius, is even more propitious.

Ironically enough for the director of a movie about silent films, this is the chart of a trailblazer. Sun conjunct Saturn in Aries makes his work about passion, not simply technique. “The Artist” is certainly that. With the Moon and Neptune at the same degree in Scorpio, this chart swells with deep emotion and “The Artist” is nothing if not emotionally moving. Scorpio can also be about loss and recovery, which is also depicted in the film.

Several astrological factors indicate a probable win for Mr. Hazanavicius. The most obvious is Uranus (inspiration) sitting precisely on his natal Saturn (accomplishments). While it can speak of upsets—remember I’m giving him only a slight edge—Uranus here is about the eccentric, the unusual, a sudden shift of one’s life. What is more unusual in this day and age than an almost-silent film? Uranus crossing his Sun in the spring will only make Mr. H. more innovative. It’s freedom time for him.

Another obvious factor is Jupiter (honors) approaching his North Node, or life destiny point in mid-Taurus. In fact, Jupiter actually sits right next to his Pallas Athena (an asteroid indicating creative intelligence) at Oscar time and reiterates our thesis. Neptune (ruler of film) makes an exact flowing trine to Mars (ego and energy), providing an astrological exclamation point.

Michel Hazanavicius has made an unusual contribution to film history by fictionally depicting a crucial moment in filmmaking—as has Martin Scorsese, but the planetary alignments proclaim that Academy members’ love for “The Artist” will give Mr. H. his well-deserved Oscar.



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