Astrology Predicts the Oscars – Oscar History & Billy Crystal

Astrology (Greek for “study of the stars”) is perhaps humanity’s most ancient method of interpreting the great cycles of life. Combining scientific observation with the intuitive art of interpretation, astrology has practical as well as spiritual applications.

For many centuries, cultures around the world have used it for timing the planting of crops, knowing when to marry or set forth on journeys, even to predict an enemy’s moves. The Magi, the Wise Men who followed the Christmas star, were actually astrologers who recognized certain auspicious signs gleaming from the heavens.

Astrology works because everything is cyclical in nature. As part of the great dance in the sky, celestial bodies create continuous energy patterns between themselves and the planet Earth. The ancients called this “the music of the spheres.” As these patterns change, says astrology, so do the circumstances in which we find ourselves. “As above, so below.”

We take birth under a matrix of energies that then unfold in specific and predictable ways. All life is interlinked through the patterning of these universal forces. Events in our lives tend to correlate with the harmonious or discordant energy patterns. And because all this is based on mathematics, sometimes predictions can be very exact. Astrology may not be infallible, but it can help us see why certain things happen at specific times.

Astrology is not just about people’s “Sun-signs”—the zodiac sign under which one is born—even events such as the Academy Awards have a “birth chart,” a moment where it all begins. An astrologer looks at the energies of that moment—at the event’s “personality”—and gleans hints of what is to unfold. It’s similar to reading a blueprint or an X-ray.

Like everything else in life, winning an Oscar is all about timing, of being in attunement with cosmic forces…and I’m not just talking about box office receipts or schmoozing with members of the Academy. Things happen when life’s synchronicity ordains it.

Can the stars above predict the winners in a contest among the stars here on Earth? Hang on to your golden statuette, because we’re about to find out!

Here is the “seed chart” for the Oscars. Astrology charts show pure science, the mathematical plotting of the planets in relation to people or events at a given time. Interpretation of those energies is in the eye of the beholder. So let us open our interpretive eyes and see what we can see.

The first awards ceremony was a banquet held at 8 pm, May 16, 1929, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. The Sun was in Taurus, meaning that the Earth and Sun were in alignment at that time with the constellation of Taurus, the Bull—as they are every year during the month of May. Taurus’s ruling planet in astrology is Venus, patron of money, beauty and the arts. If you’re in the creative field, the Sun in Taurus is your friend! Next to the Sun sits Jupiter, associated with abundance, grandiosity, and sheer fun—not to mention self-righteous moralizing.

We can see in this combination the “cast of thousands” mindset that ruled early Hollywood. Blockbusters, of course, reign to this day. There’s a sort of gambler’s energy, a compulsive risk-taking inherent in the movie business, and it is certainly self-congratulatory! Everything needs to be big, big, BIG! This chart shows that the Oscars were going down the same road.

The Moon, representing the audience, sits in Virgo (sign of the working stiff), in a fortunate angle to Sun/Jupiter, and in the 9th House, the sector of the chart associated with international appeal. This ceremony was not only always going to be over-the-top—even while honoring the favored employees—it was going to be as widely publicized as possible.

In an astrology chart, the Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is the zodiac sign that is moving above the eastern horizon at the specified time. The energy of that sign shows how one projects oneself into the world. Here, it is Sagittarius, whose ruler is Jupiter, the cosmic Santa Claus himself. The ceremony was created to bestow “Awards of Merit,” as they were originally called. The Oscars, grand and glorious, are the motion picture industry patting itself on the back. Narcissism is part of the energy pattern here.

Saturn, associated with work, longevity and tradition, also rises in the 1st House. This year will mark the 84th year of the Academy Awards. That’s a good, long run, and in 1929 an astrologer looking at this chart could have foreseen it.

Here’s the chart for this year’s ceremony.

The Sun is in Pisces, associated with imagination, fantasy and sentimentality; next to the Sun sits the dwarf planet Chiron, the so-called Maverick or Wounded Healer. Movies with flights of fancy or emotional issues dominate this year. Academy members vote with their hearts. Not the year for hard-bitten dramas to win.

But that Chiron aspect tells us to expect the unexpected: presenters or awardees make unanticipated remarks or, who knows, another streaker or stand-in for a winner may cause disruption. Jupiter is the major planet closest to the top of the chart, so a jovial atmosphere reigns nonetheless. It will be a very exuberant few hours.

The Rising Sign is Leo, ruled by the Sun. Like the Sun beaming its light to all, showmanship bursts forth again, and because the Sun sits in a harmonious angle to the Moon (audience), the ratings will probably go up this year; but with Saturn (lengthiness and delays) sitting in the 3rd house of communications, the ceremony will run long, per usual. The good news is the Moon conjoining Jupiter means emotionalism is back! Expect tears of joy, not merely polite thanks.

Now take a look at the chart of the host, Billy Crystal.

Billy’s Sun-sign is also Pisces, meaning he’s a natural fit for a show held late February/mid-March. He also has Moon-Venus conjoined in Taurus, rising in the 1st House of personality. This guy is not only naturally funny, he’s all heart! Billy is sentimental and shows it.

It just so happens that Jupiter, that jovial energy we’ve spoken of before, is moving through his Moon-Venus combo during the week of the ceremony—meaning that because of the boost of energy from the planets, he’ll be at the top of his game.

Billy Crystal is not only back, he’s going to hit it out of the park.  He’ll be feeling rejuvenated. Don’t be surprised if the Academy tries to bring him back next year.

Next, we’ll look at some charts for the nominees for Best Supporting Actress, and then move through the major categories toward Best Picture. We’ll see whom the planets favor at this time and choose a likely winner.

There are moments, energetically speaking, when the door opens and all you have to do is walk through it. Sometimes you can even win an Oscar. Showmanship and chutzpah count, but so do the grand celestial forces. The next time you’re on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, think about how the stars above helped those celebrated stars get there.





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