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Week of April 30 – May 6, 2012

This week’s energies remind us of the legend of King Arthur and his utopian kingdom, Camelot. It’s a time for construction of long term projects that have the potential to succeed in a big way. So if you wonder what the King is doing tonight, I suggest you look within yourself to find the idealist who can initiate this change. This week’s keynote: TRUST IN YOUR DREAMS.

There’s a scene in the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” that I always reference for issues of trust and faith. Indy and his stern, estranged father (a marvelous Sean Connery) have finally made it to the desert cave where for 700 years the actual Holy Grail has been hidden. The villain shoots Indy’s dad and now Indy has to find the Grail, which is said to confer everlasting life, not for his own sake but to save his dad, too.

Safely navigating several booby traps, Indy comes to an impassable abyss, on the other side of which is the Grail cave. His dad’s diary shows a knight walking through thin air over to the cave. Indy realizes with dismay that it’s a leap of faith.

Not being the spiritual sort, Indy nevertheless takes a few deep breaths, puts his foot out into the abyss—and it lands on a solid but camouflaged bridge, invisible to him, but which was always there in front of him. He scampers across it, finds the Grail, uses it to heal his dad and rides, immortalized, into the sunset.

Now picture yourself doing the same. This is the time to trust that you will be supported by the universal energies currently at work. Just do what’s in front of you and trust that your efforts will pay off. This week, it’s a good bet that they will.

The week begins with Venus (love/money/pleasures/the arts) in a productive semi-sextile, or 30-degree angle to Jupiter, the Big Picture planet. This is a very harmonious, I-Wanna-Have-Fun combination. People win lotteries under aspects like this, or alternately, have lots of sex or ice cream. Which, I suppose, amounts to the same thing—a need for more pleasure in your life. Be careful not to overindulge. Cleaning up can be a sticky business. But it is good for expanding your creative projects. Did I mention sex? Or money? Or sex?

On Tuesday, it’s better to just admit you may not know what you’re talking about and seek the advice of someone who does. Mercury (communications and multi-tasking) is in a tough angle to Neptune, the celestial Fog Making Machine. Good for imagination, not so good for contracts. But with the Lights in harmony (the technical term is Moon trine Sun) the energy makes it all come out spiffy. This can be a confidence-building day.

Wednesday is pretty quiet on the astrological front, with no exact transits or angles. The Moon does enter Libra, where it likes to focus on beauty and aesthetics. Good day to get a new ‘do. Finish that watercolor.

Thursday is the sparkplug of this plush ride of a week. The Moon makes hard angles to Uranus, the “I Gotta Be Me!” energy, and Pluto, the “I Want Control Over Everything” planet. Could be a tough day for compromise, yet Mercury in a fortunate sextile. 60-degree opportunity angle to Venus, speaks to speaking—your mind and heart, that is. If you fought in the morning, kiss and make up at night. The energies support it. If you still want to compete, write a love poem to each other while the person is right there. That’ll teach you to not listen to your heart!

Friday is a day where the Muse sticks her head in your room and asks if you want anything. What’s your answer going to be? The day is great for creativity and could be connective on the personal level. But it’s a day where you have to live up to the billing—your own, or someone else’s. I would be careful not to ruffle feathers right now.

This is especially true because the weekend looks pretty intense. Amid a tough Mercury opposing Saturn aspect (“Get out of my face, dude!”), comes the Full Moon, which occurs at 16 degrees Scorpio on Saturday night. (8:36 pm PDT, 11:36 pm EDT).

There is likely to be a lot of overindulgence and extreme behavior now. It’s a very sensual time (Scorpio doesn’t rule sex for nothing), but because of  the Mercury-Saturn aspect I wouldn’t look for much understanding intellectually; this is a time of feelings. Likely news about sexual abuse, needless violence, and, sadly, a possible terrorist attack, may crop up now. How we personally navigate this time period is dependent on where we focus our energy.

Full Moons are open doors to spiritual energy, and when the Sun in Taurus (an emphasis on resources) connects with the Moon in its opposite sign, Scorpio (depth and desire), we have a particularly fertile combination that can have a deep personal impact on us.

This is a time when what we want (Full Moon in Scorpio) can be what we have (Sun in Taurus). But because the energy of Scorpio, emphasized now, takes us into the depths of the unseen, this is also a very spiritual time, where focus of energy takes us past mental/emotional/physical obstacles and gives us the results we seek, whether it be solid financial rewards or inner enlightenment.

This week you can be rich—in your wallet, or in your consciousness. The life of the Buddha—who was born a prince and left everything to find enlightenment—is celebrated in the East under this Full Moon. In the spiritual Esoteric Tradition, this is the time of the Wesak Festival where, originally in a hidden valley in Tibet and now on the inner planes, the spiritual masters still meet to sanctify the energy of the world and to bless humanity. Tuning in to your being part of a collective blessing can create great momentum in your life. All creativity comes ultimately from inner resources, which are stimulated now.

This Full Moon colors the entire weekend’s energy. Creative projects that might have taken months to complete can fall together now seemingly by magic. Focus, focus, focus. The long-term building principle (Taurus) meets the power-of-desire principle (Scorpio), and the result can be great accomplishment. It’s time to find your Grail.

As we enter the merry month of May, forecasts for the 12 signs:

ARIES (March 20-April 19): You’re still something of a live wire who’s a little dangerous to be around, sparking all over the place while others just want to relax. This is a week where you may not get much rest, though you might need it. Try directing your electric forces toward a nearby socket. Sometimes even a lightning bolt like you needs to let the atmosphere clear up a bit.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19): How many clothes do you need, anyway? That outfit kills, but how many personal offers can you actually handle? Sometimes austerity simply means voluntary reduction, not forced thriftiness. This week reminds you that Gandhi once met the King of England in a simple white loincloth. When the King said he was not dressed properly, Gandhi replied, “Your Majesty, you are dressed in enough for us both!” Right now, so are you. So use your abundance wisely and focus deep inside.

GEMINI (May 20-June 19): The ghost in your mind’s chamber is trying to contact you and remind you of unseen, unfinished business. But you haven’t been paying attention lately because of worldly pleasures. Pleasant Venus in your sign this week meets the intensity of the Full Moon, and it’s like Casper the Friendly Ghost meeting Bill Murray and the gang. Ghostbusting is only fun when your efforts don’t come back to haunt you. Speak your mind now, but also mind your speech.

CANCER (June 20-July 19): You’ve been looking at a treasure map and all your friends keep giving different answers as to the secret location of the gold. They helped you get to where you are, but only you can decide which direction to go now. Keep that in mind this week and the urge to socialize won’t interfere with the upwelling emotionality you’re feeling. Sometimes you can spot a treasure trove just by what hits you in the emotional gut.

LEO (July 20-August 19): There are different ways to cross an intersection on foot without being hit by traffic; one of them is to stride so confidently across the street that no one would interfere with you just out of your sheer brazenness. This week you could cross a lot of intersections in your life, but the key is to know where you’re going. The fixed-sign energy now works in your favor. If you spot a chicken crossing the road, follow in its footsteps.

VIRGO (August 20-September 19): You’re so productive right now that I hear the president called you up for advice about the economy. I hope you told him the truth, because if anyone’s GNP is up, it’s yours. Mars in your sign makes you a force to be reckoned with, and this week is a piece of cake with chocolate frosting on it for you. Sweet times call for dessert, and this week you’re eating at the Cheesecake Factory.

LIBRA (September 20-October 19): The director just called and said they need a stand-in for the leading actor’s love scene. Naturally, your reputation preceded you. But they need to get you into make-up fast, and this week suits the bill. The intensity of the energy overcomes the Saturn-in-your-sign feeling of restrictions, and things may turn out to be spontaneously wonderful. Remember that a kiss is just a kiss, and time goes by, so do it now!

SCORPIO (October 20-November 19): All week, the energy for you is like a baseball game, a slow but intense buildup to the 9th inning. You’re standing at the plate just waiting for your pitch, and it arrives this weekend. The Full Moon in your sign is a juicy fastball right in your wheelhouse, so relax and keep your eye on the ball. It’s not a certainty you’ll hit it out of the park, but this week gives you the opportunity to show off your stuff.

SAGITTARIUS (November 20-December 19): The old Burma Shave signposts on the highways have become legend, and this week has something of that same flavor for you. It’s as if you are moving down the route but people’s announcements and various complicated situations keep you distracted. So the easiest way to navigate the week is to not look at all the signage. Eyes ahead, that way lies clarity!

CAPRICORN (December 20-January 19): If there’s one thing you like more than being on top, it’s being appreciated for being there. This is a week in which that “Praise Me!” sign taped to your forehead may very well elicit positive response. Benefiting from the Grand Trine in earth signs still in effect, you are the Captain of Your Ship right now. Act responsible, not entitled.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19): Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly, and your sense of having wings has been heightened lately with Venus in another air sign. But this week it’s more about roots than heights. Time to see what’s in the cellar. Securing your foundation is more important now than whistling from the sky. Remember the words of Bilbo: “All that glitters is not gold, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.” Make sure you have the necessary skills and  resources before leaping into the unknown.

PISCES (February 20-March 19): The Full Moon in Scorpio makes your week a matter of chasing down the dreams you’ve had but only half-remember. You could pay an analyst a lot of money to listen to you verbalize your inner stuff, but why not do the job yourself? You may feel now like flowering along with the rest of the Earth, but it helps to know what you want to grow into. This week, your job is to dream yourself into new being.


Next week: the Heavenly Dance does the Twist and Shout! Here on Dancing With the Planets and Stars!



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