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Week of June 25-July 1

It wasn’t expected, but last week, you found during a routine checkup that you had developed what the doctor called “a small abnormality of the heart.” It wasn’t enough to hospitalize you, just make you think the worst. It was suggested that you change your diet and monitor your stress, returning this week for further tests. Also, that you try to have faith in the process.

OMG! Immediately, you started to worry. Everything you had worked for, all your personal efforts, all your goals and hopes were going to collapse! You were too worried to even think clearly. But you did as you were told and came back this week for what you hoped would be different results.

Well, guess what? The stress levels are still high, but the abnormality has receded. If things continue in this direction, odds are it will disappear. Perhaps it can’t be fixed completely, but it won’t be a danger to your health and happiness. Certainly an important turning point for you, if you choose to make it so.

And that’s the energy of this week.

After last week’s stressful lead-up to the Uranus-Pluto square—the compelling energy of transformation occurring in the heavens right now, which has important implications for our personal lives and planetary culture—this week’s energy is like a warm bath that washes a bit of the mud away. If not a complete cleansing, it at least lowers the temperature a bit and makes us feel as though things won’t be half as bad as we feared.

Uranus—which manifests as sudden change, sometimes chaos, freedom from the known—is currently in a tough 90-degree angle ( a “square”) to Pluto, known as the Lord of Death and Rebirth. Last occurring in 1966, this is an energetic pattern that manifests seven times over the next three years. These are years in which we are likely to see a great deal of social, economic and political chaos, but it is also a crucible of personal and cultural renewal. If you think you can emerge from this time period the same sort of person that you are right now, think again.

Our lives are the cosmic patterns writ small. Simply put, we experience on a personal level whatever is happening in the heavens, in accordance with our own birth pattern laid out in our astrological chart. As above, so below; as within, so without. So, prepare for personal transformation. It’s a restless period filled with opportunities to break free of past restrictions. That could be your dead-end job, the movie exec who doesn’t greenlight your movie, or your own mind’s endless moods.

This week, the heavens offer us some help. Jupiter is sometimes called the Cosmic Santa Claus, because his energy gives joviality, generosity and just plain luck a chance to manifest in our lives. He’s all about inclusion and represents abundance and grace. A Jupiter transit (currently at 3 degrees Gemini) is often experienced as a time of easefulness and blessing.

As of early Monday, Mr. Jupe’s in a precise square to Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, at 3 degrees of its own sign. Neptune’s energy is subtle, diffused; it can be very confusing if you’re looking for diamond-like clarity. It’s like the marine layer coming off the ocean—it seems to veil the light, but does, in fact, contain it. Neptune in its higher sense is about dreams, ideals, creativity and spirituality—going beyond boundaries, merging in the Cosmic Sea of Consciousness. It’s an egoless sort of energy, so it can represent escapism as well. On the lower side, Neptune can manifest as ill health, addictions and emotional confusion. Both Jupiter and Neptune are associated with religion and belief in higher, unseen things.

We can call this Jupiter square Neptune transit a “blessing in disguise.” Coming as it does in concordance with the exact Uranus square Pluto aspect, this energy gives the world—and ourselves—a Bridge Over Troubled Water. Paul Simon doesn’t own the copyright on this one. It’s an opportunity to work out personal or social confusion through faith. We have to believe that the seemingly impossible can be done. If we approach personal problems now through spiritual attunement, just breathing through the impediments, seeming miracles can manifest. It’s time to discern through intuition what is real and what is not.

We’ve got further help from three other sources this week. Saturn, the taskmaster who tests us and says, “Be organized and responsible,” shifted late Sunday night from retrograde to direct motion. He’s stationary, sitting virtually still in the sky. He says, “OK, I’m opening the door for your personal projects again. Now just get it done.” The more focused you are right now, the more help you get. But he needs to be persuaded, so take him seriously. Authorities can still get your goat this week. Practicality is the name of the game. This is a better indicator for the economy, as Saturn rules business. But it’s slow going right now with Saturn still stationary.

Then there’s lovely Venus, the Pleasure Principle, synergy and harmony personified.  She’s also been retrograde for the last six weeks, messing with our love lives and creative energy but giving us a chance to look at some unfinished business in those areas. She turns direct on Wednesday at 7 degrees Gemini (8:05 am PDT, 11:05 am EDT). If you’ve been itching to make a call to that special person and set up a date, now’s the time. The creative Muse should also be ready for her next visit. Life in general gets easier. Sensuous times return. I’m expecting scandalous celeb news and possibly an engagement or wedding notice. Maybe even from you.

Mercury, the Messenger Who Can’t Stop Talking, also enters the royal Fun-in-the-Sun sign of Leo at 7:24 pm on Monday. This makes for a more lighthearted if self-oriented week. That ain’t so bad. So those who’ve had a hard time lately may still be stressed, but this week is a window of opportunity to rectify things gone wrong. It’s a glad-handing sort of week.

Consider that Egypt’s election—the first truly democratic one in perhaps 5,000 years—took place under the Uranus square Pluto and Jupiter square Neptune aspects, along with a Saturn station and retrograde Venus and Chiron. This does not portend an easy time, but it does speak to the revolutionary and religious fervor of the event. Islamic radicals may yet try to shangai the country into accepting Sharia law, but the people will resist the radicalism. It looks like the army will be forced to cede some power also.

Jupiter (abundance) square Neptune (oil/fluids) should also lower gas prices for a while because of more supply being available. But we’re going to see more attempts to install religious concepts (Neptune) as law (Jupiter). Expect more brouhaha over blatant religious bigotry. Yet sincere spiritual practice brings much reward. Have faith in the power of faith.

Mercury entering Leo gives President Obama (a Leo) a better week; if the Supreme Court overturns his health care law—which is likely—he’ll speak to the decision in a strong way. Mitt Romney, a Pisces native, may commit another gaffe and have to re-explain himself (again). Mercury crosses his Saturn, which can give foot-in-mouth disease or delayed responses.

The Sun in Cancer provides an emotional and empathetic cast to this period. In the Northern Hemisphere, high Summer is now underway. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer, though, can provide more than just R & R. Cancer’s energy is about empathy, the ability to feel. It’s actually related to healing. It is the nurturance of Mother Nature that heals our bodies and souls, so this period is about experiencing a sensitivity to not only the emotional moods of the mind, but an intuitive connection to the Earth.

The Saturn station and Mercury’s entry into Leo are the prime characteristics of Monday. The weekend’s intense hangover begins to recede. On Tuesday, the Moon enters Libra and makes a flowing angle (trine) to stationary Venus. That’s a lot of social grace, even with the Quarter Moon (technically Moon square Sun) causing some difficulty in communications.

Wednesday, Venus turns direct and leads us into the store to eat chocolate bon-bons. The feeling of easefulness returns and the path is smoothed for creative projects or personal matters which have been delayed. Jupiter is also conjunct the transiting South Node, or World Karma Point, and it’s another indicator of letting bygones be bygones.

Thursday’s a little tricky, with the Moon entering Scorpio and making an awkward angle (quincunx) to Neptune. Its square to Mercury doesn’t help. Difficult issues may be brought up again, this time to be healed.

Friday’s Sun opposing Pluto aspect is pretty tough, and egos could get out of whack again. It’s a power-oriented energy that says “My way or the highway!” I’d stay out of dark alleys tonight. A Mercury-Jupiter sextile (flowing angle) helps us out, so reconciliation is possible. But don’t watch the news.

Saturday is generally fuzzy, so remember yesterday’s resolutions. Moon square Neptune doesn’t give a lot of clarity even though the Moon-Mars sextile wants to go places and do things. Watch the partying tonight.

Sunday is the time to call upon your inner maid to clean up your mess. A good time to review the week’s events and with Moon in Sagittarius, be active but optimistic. Next week promises even more relief as Mars finally bursts into Libra, a less picky sign than Virgo.

Meantime, how do we spell relief? S-A-T-U-R-N A-N-D V-E-N-U-S-S-T-A-T-I-O-N-S! This week, be active, but try to be more relaxed. Things will still get done.

This week’s forecasts for the 12 Sun-Signs, with dates being approximate for convenience:

ARIES (March 20-April 19): Repairing the floorboards in your old cabin is somewhat akin to your work this week. You want a good foundation, don’t you? Then why not call up some friends to help you? And tell them to bring some beer. Mercury’s now in another Fire Sign, promoting action, fun and fewer moods. Saturn going direct helps you with partnerships, too. You can work hard to create security, but not have people hammer you about always being out for yourself. This week, the revolution includes inclusiveness.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19): This week is like a party that you crash just because you happen to be walking by it and see no reason why you shouldn’t go in. Your ruling planet, Venus, turns direct and Saturn in Venusian Libra picks up your coat and compels you to go off and enjoy yourself. Of course, this means that, being in the flow, you also meet your next revenue stream in the process. And that could be yourself. Your financial and personal assets now work together for your progress.

GEMINI (May 20-June 19): Remember that awful love letter that devastated you because you thought it was goodbye? Well, this week the author returns with a peace offering. The dessert that’s offered to you now should be eaten with relish. And I don’t mean the kind you put on hot dogs. With Venus stationing direct and Jupiter approaching a conjunction to it, the missed pleasures of the recent past return with a vengeance. Well, not vengeance exactly, but intensity. Lady Luck hands you something sweet. Bon appetite!

CANCER (June 20-July 19): The Sun is shining in your eyes, so why are you putting on a hat? Solar energy has healing properties, even if you stay inside. And this week, the planetary stations urge you to be a social butterfly. I know, I know, you like solitude. But the closet door keeps opening by itself and confetti keeps flying out. It’s a sign that sometimes it isn’t what you want to do, but what you don’t want to do that may be best for you. Get out. Move forward. The confetti will keep flying until you do.

LEO (July 20-August 19): The drag strip called and they want you to announce the next race. It’s for the championship and with Mercury now in your sign, you’re perfect for the job. This week is about the excitement of communicating possibilities, even to yourself. Why go elsewhere when you are your own best audience? It’s a shame that others have been deprived lately of your scintillation, but this week begins the process of rectifying that. No need to dip your foot in the water, just dive in! Let life catch up.

VIRGO (August 20-September 19): It’s been a 7-month-long workout at the gym and now your muscles are as big as Arnold’s. But with Mars leaving your sign next week for Libra, this is your action-movie’s finale for awhile. Your ripped torso has drawn some good-looking financial aspects that are being waved in your direction by admirers in the crowd. This week, think carefully, but not too long before taking them. Opportunities that come your way now tend to work out. Patience is required, but you’re in your groove.

LIBRA (September 20-October 19): You’re in the elevator and it just started to move upwards. Why was it stuck in the basement for so long? Saturn could tell you, but he’s taking his time as usual. He wants to give you a last long look before moving out of your sign into Scorpio. Meanwhile, your colleagues in the elevator include a couple of party types. Well, when in Rome, be like Romans! This week is the start of an easier time in your life and you get a lot of winks and hints of better things to come. Wink back!

SCORPIO (October 20-November 19): This week may feel like a hard punch from Muhammad Ali. Rather than crumple to the ground like Sonny Liston, be aware of how it lifts you from the mat. Your ruling planet Pluto wants to make off with the belt by being an immovable force, but Uranus floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. You may have to move your feet more. Situations compel you to think in terms of more movement in your life, and that’s how to win championships. Act like you’re The Greatest!

SAGITTARIUS (November 20-December 19): Venus turning direct in your opposite sign, near to approaching Jupiter, is like receiving a free makeover from a Hollywood salon. You may not know why it’s being offered, but you’re certainly going to get the benefit while you can! The fact is you’re being set up to be a star, and with Mercury entering Leo, it’s all about being visible. The salon, of course, benefits, too. This week the energy shifts into a mutually beneficial pattern that allows your better self to shine. Don’t resist.

CAPRICORN (December 20-January 19): Your ruling planet Saturn has now decided to cooperate rather than withhold. This is good news for you because you were left with a few rotting morsels of, “Well, it was a good idea at the time.” Now that time has come again. The problem is that Pluto in your sign squaring Uranus is like Bernie Madoff taking Che Guevara to lunch. Don’t expect much cooperation now without a lot of persuasion on your part. Patience, though. Order another course. Life will come around.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19): It was said in ancient Greece that the sage, Daedalus, was the inventor of a fantastic pair of wings which could give humans flight. His son, Icarus, grabbed them, flew too close to the Sun and fell into the sea as the wax wings melted. This week, you get to redeem poor Icarus. Saturn’s station in Libra, combined with Venus stationing near Jupiter in Gemini, gives you enough Air Sign oomph to fly near your sunny dreams without worrying about your wings coming apart. Now be brave!

PISCES (February 20-March 19): The gist of your week can be summed up in three words: Plant bigger trees. The ones with roots that can penetrate into underground caverns and find hidden sources of water. The energy for you this week is likewise about expanding your sense of personal nurturance. It’s a time of seeking out further avenues for your energy so you’re not uprooted by circumstances. Security is hard to come by, so you’ll need to make some adjustments. But right now, water your own tree so it’s in full bloom.

NEXT WEEK: Mars gets romantic and slips into something more comfortable, like Libra. But Uranus and Pluto are also having a fling. Find out if that means passion in the bedroom or war in the world…next time on STAR POWER! Astrology Unleashed.



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