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Week of June 4-10

The river is swirling, a fog is drifting in, you’re in a canoe and attempting to navigate through increasingly rapid waters. You bump against sharp rocks, almost capsize, but right yourself and keep on going. Your vision seems blurry, but you gaze piercingly ahead, maneuver around the obstacles and come out to calmer waters…where you exhale and shake your head at how you managed this feat. And then you laugh and relax.

That’s the energy pattern of this week. It’s like a celestial Greatest Hits album where one song bleeds into another and, while exciting in places, is also confusing and a little disconcerting.

We have not only a Lunar Eclipse occurring on Monday, but also a Neptune station and a rare Transit of Venus on Tuesday. Any one of these major celestial events is cause for pause, but the fact that they are occurring together means that there is a concentration of energy—not always harmonious—happening now that challenges our ability to be calm, clearminded and practical. The rest of the week follows in their wake.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs at 4:13 am on Monday, at 14 degrees Sagittarius. With the Sun in Gemini, the kinetic energy of the month is about personal contact and communication. A keynote for Gemini is versatility. Gemini represents the multi-faceted nature of the mind, the gift of intelligence and rational thinking, but also the ability to transmit understanding.

 A Full Moon is an open door to understanding the subtler planes of existence. This particular Full Moon is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius, representative of higher learning, expansive thinking, a philosophical and fun-loving viewpoint on life. It’s actually a very spiritual sort of energy.

The fact that it’s a Lunar Eclipse is important. Full Moons are energetic culmination points. An eclipse is a particularly potent moment, investing the world and an individual’s astrological chart with a sort of sizzle. That’s why important events tend to occur around eclipses, or when transiting planets activate those points. Eclipses have a six-month-to-a-year potency period, so we’ll feel this one for a while.

Watch for Sagittarian themes in the news: religion, ethics and morality questions, college curriculums that stir things up, controversial Supreme Court decisions. Will the Obama health care mandate be overturned? The astrological answer is yes, probably, because the decision is being revealed under this Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses cut off the past.

Neptune is the planet associated with non-physical planes of reality, with the ethereal and mysterious, the unseen and the nebulous, the unbounded oneness of universal energy. Neptune rules creativity and imagination, fantasy, spirituality and the search for unity with God or another person, escapism and its fruits…drugs, alcohol and unreality. It’s confusion or dreamlike visions.

The fact that Neptune is basically stopped in the sky, and turns retrograde (backwards, from Earth’s POV) on the day of a Lunar Eclipse, means that confusion is the order of the day. Don’t be surprised if, all week, people don’t show up for appointments, or say things that don’t make sense. It’s just Neptune and the eclipse doing their usual thing. We may hear of a new drug being marketed, or an unfortunate overdose. Accidents tend to occur under eclipses, and Neptune adds a fog over rationality.

A Neptune station, though, is excellent for all things imaginative. Film (a projected image) is ruled by Neptune, and its influence is enhanced now. Likewise dance, poetry and music. So for creative individuals this non-practical energy can lead to imaginative works that surpass previous efforts, because we are more aware of unbounded possibilities.

Then, on Tuesday, we have a very rare Transit of Venus, where the celestial declination (angle of orbit) allows us to actually see Venus passing before the face of the Sun. Technically, it’s a relatively common Sun-Venus conjunction, a happy and harmonious combination; but the actual Transit only occurs twice in a century. This is the last one until the year 2117.

The energetic effect is to accentuate all things Venusian—beauty, money, the arts, and of course love, sex and various comforts. So shape up that boudoir, because the energy right now is conducive to falling in love. Sometimes we need a little glamour or confusion (Neptune) and an energetic push (Lunar Eclipse) to bring out our love or artistry. Whatever is considered beautiful probably comes up in the news or in our lives. Remember that Venus is retrograde, so what’s old is new again.

The rest of the week is not drama-free, but it’s not as dramatic as the beginning of the week. After the Full Moon, the light of the Moon begins to diminish. This is a dispersive energy; it’s a good time to spread creative projects far and wide. Being receptive to others’ perspectives is easier under the waning Moon.

Wednesday is a hurry-up-and-wait sort of day, with the Moon trining (making a flowing angle to) Mars (energy), but then squaring (making a difficult angle to) Saturn (work/practicality).

Thursday is mixed, with the Moon entering Aquarius and Mercury entering Cancer, giving a “Tell Me What I Want To Hear But Don’t Expect Me to Listen To You” sort of cast to the energy.

Friday is actually the most easygoing day of the week, with lovely trines (harmonious angles) from the Moon to Venus (pleasures), the Sun (ego drives), and Saturn (authorities). I’d plan a date for romance or creativity for today. It’s a day when someone will say yes to you.

The weekend looks fairly quiet, with the Moon in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and some wonderful creative aspects (called quintiles) to both Mercury (intellect) and the Sun (one’s identity). Beach party! Expect to hear probable news of some major rains or floods, though. All that water has got to go somewhere.

This is also the last week that Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and the planet associated with fun and good fortune, is in the sign of Taurus. Next week, it speeds into Gemini and triggers the recent Solar Eclipse point. As we’ve said, these hot spots remain active for a while, so hang on to your hats!

And then there’s our odd couple, Uranus and Pluto—Mssrs. Fast Change and Slow Change, respectively—coming into their exact square, or harsh 90-degree angle, to each other. You think the 1960s (when they were conjoined) were dramatic? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Right now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a circus in the sky! Amid life’s great mysteries, do you think we’ll finally find out how they get all those clowns into that small car?

Anyway, here are the forecasts for the 12 signs this week. (Dates for signs are approximate, as they vary each year.)

ARIES (March 20-April 19): When was the last time you updated your passport? The eclipse in another Fire sign opposite the Venus Transit is like a call of the wild to you. This week may find you itching for greener pastures. But the Neptune station feels less to you like a need for outer adventure and more like an urge to find what’s on the other side of “The Veil.” So a spiritual journey may work, too. Why don’t you combine the two and travel to an ashram in the Bahamas? Spirit’s paradise for you right now.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19): Last call! Jupiter is about to leave your sign and that means you’ll be on your own for another 12 years. You could always create your own brew, but that would take more effort than you normally like to expend. Yet, that’s the work right now—transcending your past efforts. The energy this week thrusts you out into unfamiliar territory and it’s only the beginning of a find-your-purpose-and-make-a-living-at-it sort of time for you. Answer: Micro-brewery. Do everything yourself now.

GEMINI (May 20-June 19): The audience is awaiting you. You’re backstage pacing, ready to go, but the prop you need just broke and you’re trying to fix it before the curtain is raised. The energy this week is so favorable to you that you should just relax, because the props person just found an even better prop for you. You can’t get it till next week (Jupiter entering Gemini). So improvise now and remember that the crowd wants to enjoy you. What’s the old show biz adage? “Bad rehearsal, good performance.” Now, break a leg!

CANCER (June 20-July 19): Kidnapping your boss is probably not a good idea, though you might feel like it. Neither is stalking that old lover who never gave you an answer. But this week’s energy has to do with taking action to alleviate inner pressure, so doing SOMETHING is a good idea. Mercury entering your sign helps you think clearly, even intuitively. The Transit of Venus may bring old pleasures back into your life, and that’s not so bad. Lover’s lane, good. Abusiveness, bad. Remember the difference.

LEO (July 20-August 19): If your social circle this week does not include Shakespeare, Hemingway or Thoreau, at least try to hang out with intelligent people who communicate well. The eclipse triggers off your creative and social natures and you may be a veritable ball of fire as the cosmos impacts your Gotta-Get-It-Out creative persona. The question is, who’s listening to you? This is a time when the most important thing is not what you say but who hears you. Your friends, lover(s) or even the angels could be all ears.

VIRGO (August 20-September 19): You have a reputation for meekness, but whoever gave you that title hasn’t run into you lately. Mars in your sign, being impacted by all the energy this week, gives a sort of “Friday Night at the Fights” feel to your life right now. You’ve been the underdog for so long that no one really thought about how you’d look if you came out fighting. But there’s a moment to stand up and be counted, and this is it. So don’t let your cosmic manager down! Even if he doesn’t look like Burgess Meredith.

LIBRA (September 20-October 19): There’s a new shop opening down the street that sells dark chocolates and poetry, and they’ve just sent you an invitation to their opening. But it’s in London and you’re in L.A. What to do? Well, what’s stopping you from going? Find that out this week and you can be on your way. The intense energy now hits you in the heart, and who knows what sweets will be yours if you find a way to wing it toward your desires? Don’t discount possibilities now that previously seemed far away.

SCORPIO (October 20-November 19): One thing’s for sure: Passion is your middle name. And your first name, this week, if you manage to figure out what you truly want. The energy is sending longing texts to you, pleading for your attention. It’s an indication of things coming to a culmination in many ways, and this week’s lessons have to do with how much you can handle in the way of receiving. It takes courage to actually open up to what you’ve always wanted, because yearning is easier than getting. Except now.

SAGITTARIUS (November 20-December 19): The Lunar Eclipse in your sign, with the Venus Transit opposite it, is like a double dose of “I Can Feel My Heart Pulsing In My Toes.” Extreme emotional sensitivity now may cause disruption because of its intensity, and this is the week to take a walk in the woods and hug trees. They won’t slap you down and they welcome you into their abode. In other words, choose well your targets for emotional outpourings this week. Don’t be surprised if life hugs you back. It likes you.

CAPRICORN (December 20-January 19): You’d forgotten that, hadn’t you? I mean, that old drawer with the papers in it that the energy this week makes you remember. It’s in the attic along with other old stuff you haven’t attended to in a while. Well, now the energy says, “Clean it out!” The eclipse is highlighting your unresolved past even while the Venus Transit is giving you an opportunity to organize your desires. Could it be a note saying there’s incredible beauty stashed somewhere you haven’t looked? Indeed.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19): There are celebrities and then there are stars. The difference should be apparent to you this week, as the eclipse and Venus Transit burst into your life and put you into the front row. Then you’re invited into the lights to face the masses. What did you wear to your entrance? If your answer is “My best,” the energy this week will reward you. You may not get immediate gasps, but the fact that you’re up there will create a ripple anyway. Next week, the applause sign comes on and stays on.

PISCES (February 20-March 19): Your ruling planet, Neptune, stationing in your own sign, means that you in many ways are most yourself this week. So who are you?  This week, you have a choice. The Mutable Sign t-square means that you could star in a novel set on the Scottish moors—you could be in a complete fog—or you could be like Ferdinand Magellen, sailing off to discover new lands. These, of course, are mostly found within yourself. And there is no better time to set sail. Anchors away! Unseen marvels await.

NEXT WEEK: Jupiter rolls into Gemini and nobody can stop talking! It’s a new communiqué, here in STAR POWER! Astrology Unleashed.





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