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Week of May 14-20

Think of all the cliffhangers being currently shown on TV: which singer or dancer will be crowned champion by the audience and judges, which series will be renewed or cancelled, what old lover suddenly reappears and screws up a tidy family nest, what unlikely means the hero uses to triumph in the end. Put all these scenarios together and you have the astrological keynote for this week: namely, IT’S COMPLICATED.

Two major celestial events occur in the space of five days—a Venus station and a Solar Eclipse. A station is the change point when a planet turns around in its (apparent) orbit, so that from our perspective on Earth it looks as though it’s going backwards (retrograde) or forwards (direct) in the sky. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun and for a brief time the light of the Sun is cut off from us.

Both of these events have an energetic effect on Earth resulting in changes in how we think, feel and act. This is a time when it is inadvisable to hang onto old ways of being. The energies contrive to make us look at our values and what/who we love so that we can make our lives fresh again. If the week seems a bit unstable, it’s because of the energetic intensity.

Venus—the “Just Give It To Me, Baby” planet associated with love, sex, money and beauty—turns retrograde on Tuesday at 7:30 am PDT, 10:33 am EDT. The station occurs just shy of 24 degrees Gemini. Sun-signs ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra), and especially those born under Gemini, will be most affected by the retrograde pattern, which lasts until June 27th.

Few know that Venus returns to its approximate point of stationing every 8 years. If you drew a line through the zodiac, the points where Venus stations during that period make an actual pattern of a five-pointed star. And you thought this came from flags or the Hollywood Walk of Fame! No, this is the real origin of the good fortune traditionally associated with the five-pointed star.

During retrogrades, a planet’s energy is experienced by us on more of an inward basis because the energy is diffused and can therefore be confusing. Mercury retrogrades are famous for communication snafus. A Venus retrograde focuses us on our values, money issues, personal life and how we create harmony and peace in our lives.

Because it is moving backwards over territory it has previously traversed, a Venus retrograde period is often a time when people, things and situations come back into our lives to be resolved in a harmonious way. Don’t be surprised if that old lover contacts you on Facebook. It’s also a good time to review your finances, go on a diet, rework a creative project. Don’t hand in that script until you’ve got it letter-perfect! Venus retrograde is the time to fine-tune it.

Bookending the week is an annular Solar Eclipse just as the Sun goes into Gemini. An annular eclipse means that we will see a ring of fire surrounding the Sun’s fiery face. The eclipse occurs at zero degrees Gemini on Sunday, May 20th, 4:48 pm, PDT, 7:48 pm EDT. Those on the West Coast will see able to see it—hopefully through indirect means.

Gemini in astrology is associated with communication processes—writing, speaking, etc.—with transportation and with intelligence in general. Its keynote is rationality. Those with high IQs often have a planet or angle in the sign of Gemini. Famous Geminis range from Paul McCartney to Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. (Being intelligent doesn’t necessarily mean being sane.)

A Solar Eclipse is a supercharged New Moon. Because a New Moon is a time of energetic seeding, it also cuts off (eclipses) the past. It packs a punch in whatever area of our astrological chart it falls. Remember the words of Hubs: “Eclipses change things. Events happen suddenly under eclipses. Secrets get revealed. It’s a time of revelations.”

Be careful under an eclipse, but stay open to whatever needs to change, especially in your thinking. Sometimes we need to make drastic choices. If you’re in a position where you are having to pay a few bills and your partner has their eye set on a hefty-priced gift, the complications of the week’s energy will be evident. That’s a typical eclipse scenario. Watch your words right now, as they could come back to haunt you.

Gemini is associated with the Cosmic Mind. I can’t think of a better time for writing or speaking. If you’re not holding a pen, typing on a screen or speaking and presenting your ideas right now, you are losing an incredible opportunity. But wait until next week, after the eclipse actually occurs, for new contacts. This is a finishing up period, and the week before an eclipse is famous for things not turning out the way you might think they would.

In other words, writing songs about old loves, great. Being open to resolving old relationship issues, financial problems and relaxing as Venus gives you a yen for luxurious surroundings and chocolate bon-bons, great. Messing with old loves, withholding money from your family, bloating up from eating too much, not great. This week, look forward and back simultaneously by simply being here now. It’s a time for clear decisions that give us deep pleasure.

Monday is a time for focused energy as Mercury trines Pluto. A deep-thinking day sets a serious tone for the week. Get down to core issues.

Tuesday is the Venus station. All that juiciness associated with sensuous Venus will be felt. It’s the day for a luxurious massage or getting passionate with your beloved. Expect more news about sexuality –– scandalous or otherwise. Venus has draped itself over the news lately as it has slowed down in anticipation of this station and there is more juiciness to come!

Wednesday might be a day of extremes as the Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus and squares, or makes a hard 90-dgree angle, to Pluto, Lord of Power. It’s a very militaristic sort of energy, good for tackling things courageously, but not good for keeping the peace without effort. Think terrorism, sadly. The news has an especially high amount of accidents and violence in it today.

Thursday is about movement toward your goals, as the Moon in Aries makes a sextile, or opportunity angle, to the Venus station. Realism and idealism work together today.

Friday is more stable, as the Moon enters Taurus and forms a Grand Trine, or flowing angle, to both Mars (energy) in Virgo and Pluto (intensity) in Capricorn. Agreements and achievements come more easily today.

The weekend is colored by the upcoming eclipse. Light astrological aspects on Saturday make it the day to relax before the intensity of the eclipse on Sunday.

The best way to handle this Solar Eclipse is to be very aware of what you are thinking and feeling, because, as it’s in Gemini, the truth is going to come out of your mouth. Words can be harsh or gentle, but they are in great abundance today. And remember—an eclipse is about letting go.

“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither wildly as they slip away, across the Universe…”  — John Lennon

Speaking of which, here are the forecasts for the 12 signs.

ARIES (March 20-April 19): Put some spit polish on that megaphone: if you’re not rousing the rabble this week, you’re not doing your job. Venus stationing in Gemini makes you feel even more passionate than usual about issues and expression of your own feelings. Maybe you should upgrade your audience, too. No sense preaching to someone who’s tuning you out. A good thing for you to remember this week: Speak your mind, but mind your speech.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19): Three planets in your sign and your ruling planet, Venus, sitting still this week is like going to the spa and discovering they had advance notice of your arrival and are waiting for you with a fitted silk robe. Your only problem right now is being too self-indulgent. Don’t worry, that’s about to change, so enjoy the moment without thinking it’s going to last forever. Apply this also to your paycheck and to others in your life.

GEMINI (May 20-June 19): You should be reading the poetry of Shelley right now. When he invokes the West Wind, he is talking about a revolutionary spirit that will destroy all that stands in the way of personal joy and universal renewal. That’s what a Venus station and a Solar Eclipse, both in your sign, do for you this week. The only surprise would be if you came out of this week the same as you were before. That’s not only unlikely, it would also be a shame.

CANCER (June 20-July 19): Ever take a trip by the old schoolyard, remembering your youth and how things used to be? Of course you have, you’re a Cancer. Memories R U. Well, the energies afford you a chance for some real nostalgia now. If you have not digitized all your old photos, this is the time to do it. The gap closes now between past and present. What seemed long-ago in your emotional life suddenly becomes immediate again.

LEO (July 20-August 19): Groucho once said, “I’d never join a group that would have me as a member.” This week, all the action is in your social circle, and they want you as Admiral. It’s a time where your talents need expression and appreciation, and connections made now pay off. The energy is like a river rushing you ahead. Beware of the rapids, carry a big paddle. The current speeds up this week for you.

VIRGO (August 20-September 19): The spelling bee you’re currently in is engineered to teach you eloquence as well as giving you glory. This week, the energy can make you positively Shakespearean in your expressions as the Venus station and Solar Eclipse in the other Mercury-ruled sign, Gemini, gives you a silver tongue. Make sure you really know what you’re saying. “Speak the speech, I pray thee, most trippingly on the tongue…”

LIBRA (September 20-October 19): When is too much beauty not enough for you? Answer: Right now! Passionate pleasures or heavenly song, this is one of those never-look-back moments that can forge a new path for you. What’s more, you know it. Even as Venus, your ruling planet, comes out of the ocean and invites you to bathe with her, the Solar Eclipse reminds you that speaking to a goddess means leaving your earthly self behind. It’s a time of big decisions, and the guardian at the gate is smiling a welcoming smile.

SCORPIO (October 20-November 19): This week for you is like a bountiful supper at a fancy restaurant followed by drinking, dancing and lots of conversation. Solo enjoyment is great, but no matter if it’s food, words or sex, it’s a sharing energy now. Yet it’s as if the guests keep refilling your plate with stuff you’d sworn off. Can you say “when?” Energy gets intense at week’s end, so try not to end up with the lampshade on your head. It’s a completion phase and you need to keep yourself whole.

SAGITTARIUS (November 20-December 19): Does a Ferrari have a reverse gear? Maybe, but it’s rarely used. This week the Universe may put that Ferrari in reverse and just watch what you do with it. Venus stations in your opposite sign along with an eclipse, and that could be a reversal of fortune. But don’t think that unexpected things are terrible. It may be that around the next bend was a large tree trunk stretched across the road. Continuing in the same manner would be worse than a fresh gear. And much less enjoyable.

CAPRICORN (December 20-January 19): This week for you is a hike up the mountains—just where you want to be. But when you reach the heights, you discover the foodstuffs were left behind and now you’ll have to subsist on just what you brought with you. The problem is that you have a toothache and can’t really enjoy it. The mixture of energies this week means adjusting your expectations to necessity, but you’re good at that. Still, the Grand Trine in Earth Signs during the eclipse means someone brings you fine wine and Wolfgang Puck’s best recipe. Hate change? Embrace it this week and win.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19): It’s like you’re on a zip-line and the wire suddenly extends itself toward the horizon. The Venus station and eclipse in Gemini, another Air Sign, produces lots of creativity and heart-energy for you this week. Ideas seem to fly into your view and you need to have a net with you so you can capture them as they appear. What you don’t need to do is over-analyze the love you’re being shown. Bees aren’t supposed to fly, aerodynamically speaking, but they do. Follow their lead.

PISCES (February 20-March 19): Fill the bathtub with hot water, find your rubber ducky and a few candles, and have a week that brings you back into touch with a languid beauty. The start/stop energy of the week may be like a phone that keeps ringing while you’re trying to enjoy your bath. Best thing to do is turn off the phone and relax. Things will pick up soon enough. For now, preparation for a new cycle means treating yourself well. So lay back and immerse yourself in the bubbles. It’s personal clean-up time.

NEXT WEEK: The Solar Eclipse is the wind beneath our wings! Either that or Bette Midler. Either way, it’s a whole new horizon! Stay tuned!



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