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Week of May 21-27

There are moments when we are able to see the horizon clearly. We’ve been in a fog bank, the road ahead seems veiled, we feel hemmed in, more aware of limitations than of possibilities. Then the veil parts, the fog lifts, and our prepared but as-yet-untrodden path stretches clearly out ahead.

This week’s energy feels just like that. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse this past Sunday gives this propulsive week a gigantic push toward fresh horizons, in our individual lives and in the world at large.

The energy of this eclipse is like a green light at a drag race, signaling the next phase of our collective evolution. We don’t have to be a New Ager to understand that an eclipse that lines up with Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation, may be important for more reasons than one.

It is scientifically documented that all life is a matter of frequencies and vibrations. Eclipses change the vibrational patterns and the result may be a big shift in our own small lives accompanied by some chaos as one phase ends and another begins. Eclipses trigger personal issues in our consciousness. Our neighbors may go nuts, not to mention our romantic partner. So the best thing to do this week is to stay cool.

Solar Eclipses represent seed points in consciousness, where what we think can become the blueprint for what will actually be. This eclipse at zero degrees Gemini propels us toward new thinking, new perspectives upon which to build our lives and our everyday world.

It is like we are moving out of mapped territory into the unknown. There may be much trepidation on our parts, even some chaos in the bargain. But we can’t help it, we need movement in our lives. It’s just a restless time.

So the keynote this week is: MAKE IT FRESH! Don’t hesitate to forge ahead, even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going.

What we think right now has a huge impact on things. Setting one’s intention and being very clear about the prospective results is halfway toward manifesting them in a tangible form. Clear-cut communication is extremely important. Writing, speaking and all forms of interpersonal communication are favored now. The social pace of life picks up.

The Sun going into Gemini (an Air Sign associated with the intellect) is like finding your voice again after having laryngitis. You don’t have to sound like Richard Burton—who, it was said, could make his voice resonate from his toes—but your own voice needs to come through strong and clear. Words are especially important at this time. If you are not writing the Great American Novel already, this is the time to start.

The Sun/Solar Eclipse made a square, or hard 90-degree angle, to Neptune (ideals/creativity/spirituality/illusions), and Mercury follows it into Gemini this week, also crossing the eclipse point. Clarification, whether in your mind or in a business contract, is important now. Double-check the details.

Venus turned retrograde last week, and this week may see a reappearance of some old love/sex/money issues to be resolved. But with Venus making a trine (harmonious angle) to retrograde Saturn (work/stability), the energies seem to say, “As long as you’re organized, everything can work out.”

The revolutionary Uranus square Pluto aspect is almost exact, and will continue to be like a revisitation of the Sixties, when they were conjoined.  This is the beginning of a raised decibel level for the rest of the year. Can we hear each other above the din? This year, and particularly this week, under the outthrust eclipse energy, ranting and raving is intense.

Expect a scandal regarding what a political figure, or more than one, has said. They’ll say they didn’t mean it, but they did, and the eclipse is revealing their implications. It’s all part of the kinetic energy now. We’ve come to the proverbial fork in the road. And what did Yogi Berra say?

“When you come to a fork in the road—take it.” It’s true: it’s the journey that counts, not simply the destination.

Monday and Tuesday offer a quiet opportunity, energy-wise, to contemplate the big issues brought up by the eclipse. Monday’s energy is a little fuzzy, so think twice before speaking. Tuesday, the Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini offers a pleasant energy just right for working on that half-finished poem.

Wednesday is more problematic, with the Moon in its home sign, Cancer, making squares to Uranus and Pluto. The Sun also squares Neptune, so moodiness and fuzzy thinking abound. NOT the day to sign a contract, but certainly the day to get down to creative business. Expect news regarding religious issues today, perhaps a celebrity scandal about drugs or drinking.

Mercury crosses into Gemini on Thursday… a day very conducive to making yourself heard. Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, and enters through the pulsing eclipse point. I’m expecting news about the communications field, or an important speech from President Obama that shakes things up. (I mean, another one.) News about transportation issues like high-speed rail, or a possible airplane crash—hopefully averted—may come thick and fast. A high-profile book may also make waves.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday have a certain fluidness of energy that calls for taking things as they come, not having set ideas about how things should be. Under the Sun-Mercury conjunction, you may be surprised where words and ideas can take you. This is a razor-sharp energy. Brainpower rules; expect a smart idea to be revealed now. Maybe even by you.

As to where the 12 Sun-signs are heading:

ARIES (March 20-April 19): Like a fighter plane revving its engine on an aircraft carrier, you have tremendous desire now to just take off and do what you want to do. Well, go ahead! Just don’t scorch the deck—or your friends or lovers—in the process. Propulsion toward your future should include not alienating those around you. And that’s a danger now, so make sure your words aren’t like leaden weights around your ankles as you ascend.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19): Now that you’re coming to the bottom of the ice cream bucket, what will you do to compensate? A period of self-indulgence is shortly to end when Jupiter leaves Taurus, and this week is a foretaste. It’s as though you’ve gotten a call from just the right person, but you’ve been too diverted to notice. This week, take time to connect. It’s important that your values, your words, and your life come together.

GEMINI (May 20-June 19): You’re playing Wheel of Fortune and you are about to guess the right answer. But it’s not a guess: the energy this week is about certainty. And all you have to do is trust that you really do know what you think you know. Careful—the wind’s at your back and you can come on too strong—but go ahead and tell Pat Sajak what he wants to hear. The next sound you may hear is celebration.

CANCER (June 20-July 19): It’s said that the trouble with the past is that for most it’s not even past. That may be the case for you this week, as the eclipse opens that closet where you put all your hidden emotion, spotlighting your old, unfinished business. You could find your heart so distracted that your present life may seem boring. But take that shiny lock and close the door on what you’ve outgrown. After you’ve cleaned it all out. This is a moment when being a grown-up is necessary.

LEO (July 20-August 19): It’s been a while since someone treated you like royalty, but this week you get to polish your crown again. The eclipse energy thrusts you toward living up to the billing, not just living off the proletariat’s taxes. A messenger comes to your doorstep with a parchment that says a large audience is awaiting your personal performance. But you need to play the role without causing others to feel diminished. Challenging, yes—but your job this week is to be humbly noble and nobly humble.

VIRGO (August 20-September 19): This week for you is like taking the car in for repairs and discovering a $100 bill in the back seat as you’re cleaning it. Mars in your sign continues to provide stamina, but now it’s about getting your reward, too. There may be a clashing of gears, but that’s only because you’re having to choose between a BMW and a Mercedes. The eclipse smooths your career path, but it requires you to pay the toll. Shut up and hold out your hand. Efforts now give deep satisfaction, so no complaining.

LIBRA (September 20-October 19): Adventure is your middle name right now, but it’s like climbing Mount Everest with a strained leg muscle. What seemed close to attainment is still there, but it just requires more effort than you thought. Part of this is that it’s a mountain worth climbing. A lesser hilltop just wouldn’t do. Because the eclipse energy is propelling you into the unknown, it’s also a test of your faith. Believe in yourself? Go find out.

SCORPIO (October 20-November 19): Those voices that you’re hearing are real. They’re just not the ones you’re used to listening to, and you don’t like them because they are giving you more questions than answers. Think Frank Gorshin playing The Riddler on “Batman”—there is a big dose of the absurd going on now. That’s OK, you enjoy the mysterious. But you didn’t expect it to come with a need to completely reconstruct your thinking. Think again.

SAGITTARIUS (November 20-December 19): The only thing more intense than an eclipse in your sign is one in your opposite sign. This Week After for you is like a drag race you’re forced into because the traffic has you hemmed in. The pressure you feel now is temporary but intense, and alliances you made previously may change in the light of necessity. This is one of those moments where you find out more through observation than action. Go with the flow of traffic in your life, but keep both your eyes open.

CAPRICORN (December 20-January 19): This is a week when you can turn that perpetual frown upside down and lighten up. But it requires you to know what that is. This is an adjustment period, so getting antsy doesn’t help. The flow for you recently has been like an excursion to Disneyland on someone else’s dime—just what you like. But now comes the hard part: how to be adaptable when Goofy shows up and you’re thinking about security issues. Just say, “Aw, shucks” this week and be done with it.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19): This week is about the passions of your heart. Everything is urging you to find a vessel for self-expression. The creative impulse and eclipse energy go together, and you will not be fully happy unless you are performing heart surgery on yourself and pulling out the perfect word, color or musical note which conveys your feelings. But is your life just as radiant? Wordsworth wrote, “My heart leaps up when I behold/A rainbow in the sky.” This week, chasing rainbows is your duty.

PISCES (February 20-March 19): It’s said that you can’t put new wine in old bottles. (Or is it old wine in new bottles?) At any rate, your vintage has spoiled and your choices now have to do with adapting to new tastes. The eclipse energies want to help you put a new wine cellar together, but you’ve got to cooperate with them. Creating a new foundation in your life requires a shift in your thoughts as well as material objects. So be a connoisseur of intelligent choices right now. Your desires may need to have different labels.

NEXT WEEK: More lunacy ahead! As if one wasn’t enough (and it isn’t – they always come in pairs or trios), we head toward another eclipse—a Lunar Eclipse, that is. Ya’ll come back now, hear?




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