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The Week of May 28 – June 3

You’re in a long hallway lined with mirrors; everywhere you look you see reflections of yourself. You’re not quite sure what compelled you to open the door that led you here, but it closed and locked behind you. There is only one way to go—forward.

Ahead, you see another doorway, open this time, with a beautiful garden beyond it, a sweet fragrance exuding from its bounty. But you slow down, not comprehending quite yet that there is nothing stopping you from entering into the garden of your dreams. The surrounding reflections of you mirror your confusion. But then you reach the threshold and find your expectations of being thwarted are baseless. You enter into the bower of bliss and say to yourself, “Why didn’t I do this before?”

And that’s the energy of this week, a week between eclipses.

We may feel internal pressure that gives us “brain aches” because there is a concentration of energy. But there is also a pathway toward our dreams that can, as we head toward the Lunar Eclipse on Monday, bring us into a new cycle of personal happiness. This time period requires us to be resolute and creative in our thinking.

The big Solar Eclipse on May 20th, at zero degrees Gemini, was a trigger for how we think. Writing, speaking and all forms of communication were emphasized. Eclipse energy is intense but unstable. Hence, the Facebook IPO. (Can you think of a more Geminian company than Facebook?) The upcoming Lunar Eclipse on June 4th, at 14 degrees Sagittarius, puts the focus on VISION. More specifically, OUR VISION QUEST.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our system, is the sign associated with “the big picture.” Whatever takes us away from the familiar is Sagittarian…long-distance travel, higher education, philosophy and religion, expansive thinking generally. A Lunar Eclipse emphasizes the emotional and instinctual elements in us. “Lunacy,” or extreme emotional imbalance, comes of course from the Latin word for the Moon, “luna.”

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when Earth’s shadow blocks the Moon’s light, itself only a reflection from the Sun. The energetic effects of a Full Moon Eclipse are often quite dramatic. During this eclipse there is a great restlessness, but a dynamic thrust toward manifesting our hopes, goals and spiritual ideals.

So this is a great time for throwing energy toward new goals. The wind is at your back, the doors are open, the lights are green, the Force is with you.

Creative projects that have an expansive quality to them are more worthwhile right now than smaller things. Time to extend yourself! Shakespeare could not have written King Lear without having previously written trifles such as The Comedy of Errors. But enough! No more going over familiar ground! Lear calls! Going beyond your comfort zone is what this week is all about.

Unfortunately, spiritual principles emphasized by this Eclipse may have a dark side. Religious terrorism, gay-hating and dogmatic thinking also are given weight. Don’t be surprised if more scandal engulfs the Vatican, as Sagittarian an institution as exists today. Morality is in the astrological spotlight right now. The vice police, here and abroad, may also be out in full force, condemning sexuality or hints of an unorthodox style. News about space—yes, “the Final Frontier”—may crop up now. What is more expansive than space itself?

The eclipse occurs on the same day as a Neptune station. Neptune turns retrograde at 3 degrees Pisces, its home sign. A ruling planet stationing in its own sign is powerful, yet we experience Neptune’s energy as diffused, spacey, confusing. It can also be very creative, imaginative and uplifting.

Actual spiritual experiences can occur under this energy, as the door is open now to subtler states of being. Life-altering inspirations are possible. Don’t be shocked if your creative impulses lead you into something magical, something beyond the grasp of the rational mind.

Drugs, alcohol and all things which alter our consciousness are also emphasized. Be careful. Accidents are waiting to happen under this eclipse. There may be news of huge rains and floods. Neptune, after all, was in Roman mythology the Lord of the Seas. Some also associate eclipses with earthquakes. Since the eclipse is in a Fire Sign, if an earthquake occurs, look for one in a hot climate.

The eclipse is followed on Tuesday, June 5th, by a very rare Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun… which we’ll consider in more detail next week. Suffice it to say, this week, leading up to the great activity of next week, is a time of creative compression—get it done and alleviate the inner pressure!

Early in the week, the energy is mixed. On Monday, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo, both ruled by Mercury, give the waxing Quarter Moon a nervous, kinetic feel. Time to do something relaxing! Tuesday feels better, as the Moon makes a harmonious angle (trine) to Jupiter, Planet of Fun—though the continued Gemini-Virgo square puts pressure on our nervous system. Yoga class! That’s the ticket!

Wednesday may be feisty but productive. Mars (energy/conflict) square (at a hard 90-degree angle to) Mercury (communications) makes this the day to NOT get into it with your significant other or co-worker. But the Moon in Libra (personal balance) making a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) to the Sun in Gemini—both Air signs ruling intellect—means using your smarts can get you out of difficulties today. I’d brainstorm that new project if I were you.

Thursday is calmer, with peaceful aspects that alleviate some of the pressure between your ears. It’s the day to present items for approval, whether to others or to yourself.

The Mercury-Venus conjunction on Friday is like a sensual bath in a pool of warm words. Communications with a beloved should go well today. Good day to read romantic poetry, or write some yourself.

The weekend looks a little strange. The day or two before an eclipse is always intense, and with the Moon in Scorpio, the sign of intensity, there’s a real edge here. Saturday’s energy looks loony yet inspirational: excellent for abstract ideas even though someone else may not get them. Sunday is all about how we feel. Think Method acting. Good time to see a fantasy movie or dream one into being.

Then comes the big Lunar Eclipse and Transit of Venus. If this current week doesn’t begin to open up our hearts, next week certainly will. This is the time to prepare by focusing on what we want—what we really, really want. No, not the Spice Girls. Something more personal, something better. Something like …ah, that’s it! Create it. Now go sell it. The signs are good.

Speaking of signs, here is the forecast for all 12 Sun-signs. (Please note that calendar dates for each sign may vary a bit each year.)

ARIES (March 20-April 19): This is the week to bring cookies to the neighborhood bully. With the emphasis in your immediate environment, how you communicate is the key to your week. The roughhousing that’s done in the name of business—or pleasure, for that matter—is a sublimated power issue. Now’s the time for you to take harmony and insert it into your immediate vicinity. If nothing else, this will surprise and confuse those with whom you are at odds. But first you have to feel it yourself. Make sure of it.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19): You’re in a shoe store and you find some great-looking shoes, but they’re just a bit off in terms of size. Do you buy them anyway, maybe fill them with Dr. Scholl’s foot pads? Or let them go because you want a perfect fit? This week, you should probably let them go. I know, I know: they looked fine, and you’re handy with fixing things. But the need now is for you to fix your own energy, and that means no settling.

GEMINI (May 20-June 19): Why don’t you just accept that Ed McMahon is going to return from the afterlife and hand you a big check, or at least a long-lost love? That’s as logical an explanation as anything else this week. The three-planet pileup in your sign, with Venus retrograding opposite the Lunar Eclipse in a few days, gives you a week that may not make much sense. But it’s amazing what a little irrationality can do to open doors. Who-da thought? And there’s the key: don’t think. More action, less conversation.

CANCER (June 20-July 19): The Sandman is putting what feels like the whole Mohave Desert on your eyelids this week. A bit of a woozy energy pervades, and it’s important to take care of yourself. The Geminian influence means that the portal to your subconscious mind is open, and you may have some very weird dreams or visions over the next two weeks. What you need to do is get used to the language. Go read Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan,” which came to him in an opium dream. Take the vision, leave the dope.

LEO (July 20-August 19): Why rehearse when you have jewels springing from your lips? Because it could get even better, that’s why! The upcoming eclipse makes a harmonious angle to your own energy, leaving you this week in the throes of anticipation over how good it’s going to get in your life. The answer is: As magnificent as you want it to be. So focus, and practice a little. Even Lawrence Olivier (“Larry” to his friends) made a few bad choices. Remember “The Betsy?” Of course not, which is my point. Don’t be without clarity or eloquence this week.

VIRGO (August 20-September 19): I hope you have a good cell phone plan. The Mercury-ruled Gemini energy, combining with your own Mercury-ruled “How Can I Help You?” energy, makes this a time to get it all said and done before the next call comes in. The Lunar Eclipse sits in a tough angle to your sign, and what with feisty Mars there already, I’m expecting a few pre-4th of July fireworks over the next week or two. It’s OK—remember Katy Perry if you need to.

LIBRA (September 20-October 19): Nothing is as sweet as past joys renewed, and that may be the case for you this week. But the paradox is that it looks nothing like it did before. The emphasis is on what you believe and perceive, which can change the whole situation. The social butterfly in you comes out again and has you flitting when you’d prefer to sit. So do both this week, because old friends, lovers and belief-patterns may be new again. Select a few flowers to light upon and gardens to frequent and flutter on by!

SCORPIO (October 20-November 19): Turning lead into gold traditionally was the work of alchemists, who frequently poisoned themselves in the process. This week, it’s your work as well. Transformation, I mean. There’s a lead bar with your name on it, and it’s one of those weeks where you can’t ignore the message. So forge ahead on instinct, knowing that transmutation of your life is inevitable. Want to be cherished as much as the gold that (used to be) in Fort Knox? Time to be your golden self. So get the lead out!

SAGITTARIUS (November 20-December 19): The Lunar Eclipse occurring in your sign means that this preceding week is intense. It’s like a countdown to a space launch. What dreams will take off, and what emotional issues will come to culmination? You could experience a snafu that delays the launch, but a throbbing anticipation is also part of the energy now. So take it easy and listen to Mission Control. You are about to experience weightlessness.

CAPRICORN (December 20-January 19): The one thing you do best is work. This week, with the upcoming eclipse pressuring you inside and out, you should still work, but also take time to relax. Go laugh at a clown. Volunteer for a magician’s show. Diverge from your usual Serious State. Actually, the energy may do it for you. That tap on your shoulder may not be from the guy who was seated behind you, or from anyone else on this mortal plane. So what will you do now? Answer: breathe.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19): This week is a test of how seriously you take your fun. And it’s only 1st period: you’ve got more tests coming up. You’re being schooled in how vital creative heart-energy is to your abstract being. The lineup in Gemini is sitting on your sofa in your House of Love and Joy, and Jupiter is just coming up the walk. This week is a foretaste of why pressure to socialize is sometimes good. And saves wear on the couch, too. Those planets today! They bunch up, then part. What’re you gonna do?

PISCES (February 20-March 19): You’d like to run a nice bubble bath, but you’ve run out. So you run to the store. Then you run home. And remember that you left your package at the store. Run, run, run…that’s the energy for you this week. With the upcoming eclipse hovering over your roof, and the Gemini trio occupying your basement, a Mutable Sign like you is hard put to it right now. So the best thing you can do is stay focused. Run that bath again and get in, with or without the bubbles. And take your rubber ducky.

NEXT WEEK: That Lunar Eclipse, a Neptune station, and a rare Transit of Venus (for last time in this century). All this and Andy Rooney, next week on STAR POWER! Astrology Unleashed!



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