Astrology Predicts the Oscars – Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress

The world of astrology is endlessly fascinating, and we have in the Academy Awards an opportunity to see just how closely it ties in to everyday life.

Those honored in the film industry often have well-placed planets or harmonious energy patterns in their birth charts associated with fame (Sun), beauty and the arts (Venus), and glamour (Neptune). Winning an Oscar would also involve Jupiter (honors) and Saturn (dignity).

It is the movement of the planets—called transits—around the wheel of the birth chart that gives the astrologer insight into what may happen when. Favorable events occur in our lives when favorable aspects of the birth chart are triggered by transiting planets.

We can look at a chart for an Oscar nominee and see if they have the current aspects that would indicate going home with a golden statuette.

We’ll first focus on the supporting categories.


Jessica Chastain was good in “The Help,” but her chart is now a bit rocky after some recent smooth sailing. Pluto and Mars aspects indicate some rough seas she’ll need to navigate. Oscar tends to avoid such times.

Melissa McCarthy—in my view the best thing about “Bridesmaids”—is under lighthearted “just enjoy the ride” Jupiter aspects, but her chart doesn’t really show much else in the way of honors. Don’t worry, she’ll be back.

Janet McTeer, an esteemed British actress, actually has an outside chance of winning, according to astrology, because her Jupiter is being favorably aspected right now. But “Albert Nobbs” was not a box-office success and her nomination is an Oscar longshot.

In my astrological opinion, this is a two-way race between Berenice Bejo from “The Artist” and Octavia Spencer from “The Help.”

Here’s Ms. Bejo’s chart.

Her birth time is unknown, so we are using a chart set for noon in Buenos Aires. We can still see she is under an energy pattern (technically called Pluto square Pluto) that says life cannot remain the same, although that does not necessarily guarantee honors. Yet Jupiter (success) is now in Taurus just as it was at her birth. Pluto, associated with power, also is in her corner, so astrology says it is indeed possible for her to snag an Oscar now. You heard it here first.

Here’s the chart of the favorite, Octavia Spencer:

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, she would certainly have had a natural feel for the part she played in “The Help,” both by location and by temperament. Octavia has three major planets in water signs (Moon in Scorpio plus Venus and Mars in Cancer, associated with the domestic life), giving her deep sensitivity. Her Sun-sign is Gemini, which means she’s naturally smart.

Even without an exact birth time, we can see that this is a very fortunate time for her. Jupiter by transit is almost exactly opposite her Moon (for an actor, that’s one’s audience) and also in an exact trine, or flowing pattern, to her natal Jupiter in Capricorn. In short, if there were ever a time for honors, this is it. I believe she’ll win.

Still, with Berenice Bujo’s aspects, and a tough Saturn aspect in Octavia’s chart, an upset is possible. I’m making it 60/40 Octavia, with only a small point spread.


This is a more competitive category than people realize. Four of the five nominees this year have excellent astrological aspects that could bring them the Oscar.

Jonah Hill was surprisingly effective as Brad Pitt’s analytical assistant in “Moneyball.,” but his chart shows little in the way of positive aspects that would indicate honors on Oscar night. With Uranus (inspiration) crossing his Venus (the arts) in 2013, don’t be surprised if he’s up for bigger honors in a year or two.

Max von Sydow is experiencing very favorable energies right now as he approaches the completion of his 84-year Uranus return cycle. It’s a breath-of-fresh-air time for him, and with Jupiter nearing his Venus, an Oscar is not out of the question. But the next three nominees have even stronger charts.

Nick Nolte—with his birth time intact, this is his actual chart—has Jupiter (honors) and Saturn (work) both sitting at 8 degrees Taurus, rising in the 1st House of personality. This is a very strong aspect in a sign known for determination, and speaks to his career longevity plus his ability to overcome personal issues. Jupiter’s about to cross his Ascendant and return to its own position, a once-every-12 years cycle of good luck. I’d call it for Nick, but two others have equally strong charts right now.

Kenneth Branagh changed up his Shakespearean persona in “”My Week With Marilyn;” he is under energies that would ordinarily net him a trophy.

Pluto (empowerment) currently sits right on his Jupiter (honors) and in a harmonious angle to his natal Pluto and the North Node, or life destiny point. Neptune (the ruler of film) sits at the midpoint between these planets, and transiting Jupiter is approaching an exact opposition. This forms a rare pattern called a Yod, or “Finger of God” aspect. It’s a time when Fate seems to step in. In any other year, he’d be a cinch. I expect still greater things to come.

And then there’s Christopher Plummer.

Considered the favorite, his chart is remarkable for its emphasis on personal freedom—the keynote of fire signs like his Sun-sign Sagittarius. With five major planets in fire, Mr. Plummer is nobody’s lapdog. This fierce independence served him well in “Beginners” as a gay elder just now coming out of the closet.

Jupiter is about to cross his Moon in Taurus (emotional happiness) and North Node (destiny point), and like Mr. von Sydow he is about to experience the invigorating Uranus return. On Oscar night, the transiting Moon moves through early Taurus, so his monthly Lunar Return (raw emotionality) occurs just at that time. As if that were not enough, transiting Venus (the arts) forms an exact trine, or flowing angle, to his natal Venus on Oscar Sunday.

Clearly, despite the strong competition, it is Christopher Plummer’s time. I look forward to hearing his speech.

Next up, predictions for Best Actress and Actor in a leading role.



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