ASTRO OSCARS: Astrology Predicts Best Supporting Actor & Actress

It’s the Astro Oscars: where we let the stars pick the stars who win!

Part Two: Best Supporting Actress & Actor

Every nominee has to be hot, astrologically speaking, to get to the point of an Oscar nomination. But as for actually winning, the question becomes: Who’s the HOTTEST come Oscar night?

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Sometimes it’s like choosing between an inside straight, a flush, or a full house: which nominee’s chart––and its energetic aspects––trumps the others? That is what we are here to discern. Maestro, the nominees, please!


First up, here is the chart of Jacki Weaver, who played the snack-baking mother and wife in Silver Linings Playbook. Her birth time’s unknown, so we’ll use a noon chart:

Jacki was born a Gemini, and Mr. Good Luck himself, Jupiter, is transiting now close to her Sun, or sense of self—filling her with buoyancy and giving her the good fortune of a nomination. Uranus, planet of sudden changes, also makes a direct opposition to her natal Neptune, associated with film, and her role in Silver Linings was not that big, so the nomination was a bit surprising. But we also find Saturn, Mr. “Not-So-Fast, Bub,” sitting in a square (hard 90-degree angle) to Pluto, lord of power. That’s a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” sort of energy—so I think we’re safe in saying that Ms. Weaver appreciates the opportunity but will not take home the gold.

Next, let’s look at another Gemini, Helen Hunt…PLEASE!

Her performance as a sex therapist in The Sessions certainly gives new meaning to the term “attractive older woman.” At age 49, Helen was completely naked, both physically and emotionally. That fits astrologically, because for the last year she has had Uranus, planet of youth and rebellion, crossing over her Moon and bringing her image as a woman into a more freedom-oriented state. But does she have the astrological signature of a winner?

With Jupiter (expansiveness) caressing her Venus (arts/pleasures) in early Gemini, but also sitting at cross purposes with Mars (willpower/aggression) in Virgo (pickiness), odds are that she is admired for her courage in taking on the role, but not rewarded for it. Saturn (hard luck) conjunct Neptune (creativity) confirms it. She—and we—must be contented with her bold choice and empathetic performance.

Next up, “The Flying Nun” who’s still flying high—Sally Field:

Sally’s sign is Scorpio, a sign of passion and willfulness, and her performance as Mary Todd Lincoln was powerful and direct. Portraying a slightly unhinged woman who suffered from depression, Sally currently finds her own chart under similar Uranian and Saturnian aspects. Uranus-Moon aspects are sometimes associated with mental illness, and in Sally’s chart they are currently conjunct. This can indicate brilliance, domestic chaos or emotional breakdown. If nothing else, this energy helped her understand Mary’s character.

Saturn in one’s Sun-sign often brings recognition after long effort, and the sobering Saturn square Saturn-Pluto aspect in her chart illustrates the seriousness of the role as well as the challenges of her current life, but this tough transit is not what you’d normally see in the chart of a winner. Sally, the planets and stars like you—they really, really like you—but this year the nomination is your reward.

And now, someone who could really pull an upset, according to the stars—Amy Adams.

Every nominee should wish for aspects like Amy has this year: transiting Saturn (rewards for long effort) in a harmonious trine to its own natal position and also in a trine to Jupiter, giver of blessings. That’s a winning combination. With a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Libra to go along with her radiant Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo, Amy is a smarter and more emotionally intense individual than her previous roles have given her room to show. Her role as the manipulative wife in The Master showcases her chart’s strength.

Jupiter is also in a flowing trine to Amy’s natal Pluto, another indicator of empowerment or success. And transiting Uranus, that lightning bolt full of surprises, also trines Amy’s Venus, which rules the arts. Meryl Streep had a similar trine in her chart when she won last year. You could do worse than bet on Amy Adams to pull an upset, and I will not be surprised if she wins. You heard it here first.

You have to have an inside straight to beat an astrological hand like that. But however unlikely, someone does. Here is the chart of Anne Hathaway:

Named after William Shakespeare’s wife, Ms. Hathaway has an intense chart, with all the planets grouped together in basically four signs. This indicates a highly focused individual whose life is one of great passions. She just turned 30, and during the traditionally harsh Saturn Return at age 29, Anne played, in Les Miserables, a desperate young woman who turns to prostitution. Like Sally Field, Anne has a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, which is where Saturn (earned rewards) currently sits. Does that mean an Oscar this year?

Jupiter (blessings) is currently sitting in an opposition to Uranus (breakthroughs), a very lucky combination. Transiting Uranus is also very close to the Nadir, or bottom of the chart, and thus by polarity electrifies the Midheaven (career point) at the top. This looks like a career breakthrough. Neptune is also square Uranus, another indicator that change is afoot. But the aspect that looks like it will give Anne a golden statuette is the transiting North Node, or life destiny point, crossing over her extraordinarily lucky Venus-Jupiter-Sun conjunction. Time for the big speech! Looks like she’s earned it.


This is a strong category this year, with several upset possibilities being supported by the stars. First we’ll cast our glance upon the chart of Django Unchained actor Christoph Waltz:

Lack of a birth time restricts us from waltzing in and being even more precise, but we can see enough to determine that perhaps this is not Christoph’s year to win. While he does at the moment have a lovely Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect, which can give unexpected good fortune, as well as Uranus in a flowing trine to its own natal position, these are aspects which peaked in December when Uranus turned direct at 4 degrees Aries. The recognition which has flowed from that energy has carried through to a nomination—but that, I think, will be about as far as he goes this year.

Now here’s the chart of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who made a dark spectacle of himself in The Master. With an unknown birth time, this is a noon chart as well:

Hoffman, no stranger to authoritative roles with that Sun in Leo, finds himself between cycles this year. While the Vegas oddsmakers think it possible for him to win, I am afraid that the cosmos does not agree. Yes, Uranus is approaching his Saturn (recognized accomplishments), giving him a shot at an upset, and Jupiter is blessing his natal Venus, ruler of the arts…but Mr. Saturn is by transit also sitting in a hard square to buoyant Jupiter, giving his Oscar chances a bit of a cold shower. However, with that approaching Uranus transit, it looks like he could be back next year, being recognized for an unusual role.

Next up is Alan Arkin, whose unprintable catchphrase was one of the best things about Ben Affleck’s Argo.

Arkin, who has made a superb late career out of playing snarky old men, has one great astrological aspect going for him on Oscar night: Uranus (breakthroughs) sitting next to his natal Sun in Aries and also making a flowing trine to his Midheaven (point of recognition). It’s a revolutionary aspect and even the plot of Argo had to do with revolution. The Oscars’ Moon is in Leo, as is Arkin’s natal Moon—a good sign—and it rises above the chart’s horizon by the start of the ceremony. Still, it’s coming off an opposition to Saturn (restrictions) and I think that means that for Alan Arkin’s chances this year, it’s close but no cigar.

Two other actors have even better aspects. Here’s the chart of the favorite in the race, Tommy Lee Jones:

His wily Congressman in Lincoln was a thing of beauty, and Jupiter, ruler of the law, currently sits in Jones’s 1st House of personality, bringing him an expansive period in his life. On Oscar night, that lucky planet also sits in Jones’s chart in an exact flowing trine to Neptune, ruler of film… in the 5th House of creativity. That could well be victory. What’s more, transiting Venus (pleasure) is in an exact trine to his natal Jupiter, in the 6th House of work. The transiting Moon in Leo makes a lovely sextile (60-degree opportunity angle) to Jones’s Jupiter on Oscar night as well. So far, so good.

But now we come to some less-than-auspicious aspects. Tommy Lee’s natal Moon is in Taurus, and the Oscars Moon makes a hard 90-degree square to it, usually not indicative of success. Transiting Jupiter also is making a quincunx—a 150-degree, “Sorry, there’s more work to be done” angle—to Jones’s natal Venus, ruler of the arts. So even though Uranus (sudden change) is making a nice flowing trine to Saturn (achievement), there are enough mixed aspects here to give us pause. Does he win? I think his odds, astrologically, are no better than 50-50.

Who does that leave as a potential upset victor? None other than the great (but not rewarded lately) Robert De Niro.

A Sun-sign Leo like Hoffman, De Niro’s status as an actor is unrivaled and he now gives us an OCD-prone father to bipolar Bradley Cooper in the delightful Silver Linings Playbook. Like Arkin, he also has a lucky Jupiter-Uranus connection occurring; but in a twist of astrological fate, De Niro is now experiencing two of them at the same time!

First is a conjunction by transiting Jupiter, lord of luck, to his chart’s surprise-prone Uranus—which screams “UPSET!” Transiting Uranus is also in a harmonious trine to De Niro’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo—which translates as empowerment. People win lotteries under aspects like these.

The Moon on Oscar night is also in late Leo, close to De Niro’s Sun. The astrological rule of thumb is that when the Moon is crossing through your Sun-sign—especially if you’ve got multiple planets there, as De Niro does—you’ve got a lot of extra pizzazz going for you! President Obama, also a Sun-sign Leo, won reelection under a Leo Moon. The Oscars Moon also well-aspects De Niro’s Saturn, rewarder of past efforts.

Just to add a smidgen of doubt to the mix, Saturn (Mr. “Forget About It!”) is currently in a hard square to De Niro’s Jupiter, a restrictive aspect that mitigates the possible lightning-strike victory. On Oscar night, Mercury (communications) is also retrograde, which could mean snafus. But it’s transiting only a few degrees away from De Niro’s Pisces Moon (for an actor, the Moon represents the audience), with Mars (action) also close by.

The last time De Niro won (for Raging Bull, in 1981), he was also under similarly auspicious astrological energies (Sun-Venus-Mars trine his Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, among other aspects). Tommy Lee Jones’s chart does not show similar aspects to his last victory—in 1994, for The Fugitive. We’ll never know, of course, but I do think the vote will be close.

Still, I’m going out on a limb and giving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor to Robert De Niro in an upset victory. This year, it looks like the planets are once more revolving around his star.

Just don’t touch his remote.




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