Hollywood Drive & Talk – Personal Branding

In this edition of HollywoodDrive & Talk, Content Engine’s Seth Jaret defines and discusses “Personal Branding” for Content Creators.





  1. Loving the drive & talk thing. Just don’t crash. Though it would give your blog a lot of hits.

  2. Seth Jaret says:

    Thanks, Hilary! I don’t intend to hit anything. Just want to keep putting the positive messages out there for whomever wants to hear them.

  3. Seth, the audio is mono. :( kind of distracting to hear on a dual headphone.

    Love this series. Keep ‘em coming

  4. Steven List says:

    I’m okay with the audio, but can you do them in 3-D? I think that would really help.

  5. Steven List says:

    Actually, these are really good, Seth. And I love that you’re making such good use of your drive time! Keep them coming!

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