Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds

A one-floor elevator pitch? It can be done. Here’s how.

Can you squeeze the pitch for your movie, tv show, web series, or other IP in 15 seconds or less?

With the help of a Message Map, according to Carmine Gallo, you can.

Try it for your next pitch. It should even work for a one-floor-only ride in an elevator with an A.D.D. executive.




  1. Glides says:

    How would you apply this to a movie pitch, that’s what I’m wondering.
    Having trouble translating this from a physical product to a movie idea.

    • Seth Jaret says:

      The key is to think of your pitch in terms of the 15 second pitch, the minute long pitch, the paragraph, the one pager and then a full-blown beat-by-beat version. You should write it out in all of those ways and be able to pitch it as such depending on the time allotted and the context of the meeting.

      The efficacy of the 15 second pitch technique is to be able to distill your idea into its most essential, cinematic and saleable elements. It makes sense since the marketers of your movie will have to do it in 15 second and 30 second spots. You need to be able to visualize and express the concept in the same manner that the marketing department might.

      What’s insightful about this exercise is that it will reveal what your story is REALLY about and also tell you whether your story needs to be about something else that is more pitchable, marketable and digestable.

      Another exercise is to have someone who knows your project distill it down to its essential elements — have them pitch your project to YOU. And then you’ll see what they perceive it to be about. And that will give you the insight you need to hone not only your “elevator pitch,” but your story as a whole.

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