ASTRO OSCARS: Astrology Predicts Best Song & Director

It’s the Astro Oscars: where we let the stars pick the stars who win!

Part Four: Best Song & Best Director

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The only real question this year about the category of Best Song is whether or not Adele will win the Oscar for the James Bond theme “Skyfall” and thus add to her already-abundant personal awards collection. Let’s look at her chart to see what we can see:

We notice that Adele has Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Taurus (associated with the throat and therefore singing) in the 2nd House of possessions. Well, she certainly possesses a rare voice! Jupiter (abundance) also accounts for her never having to worry about being too thin. The Moon in Sagittarius (ruled by that lucky Jupiter) in the 10th House of reputation suggests her fame is no accident and will probably be long-lasting. Indeed, with Uranus (quick results) near Saturn (ruler of the past) on the cusp of the 11th House of the general public, it looks like her fast rise is her karmic due from a recent past life. Her Aquarius Ascendant, with Mars nearby, accounts for her feisty individuality.

At the moment, Adele is actually under several tough astrological aspects. Saturn (hard knocks) is turning retrograde right on top of her natal Pluto (powers issues/transformation), which traditionally is a “no such luck” aspect. And it’s within 3 degrees of an exact opposition to that Jupiter-Sun conjunction, making the road bumpy. Transiting Pluto also sits precisely on her Neptune (dreams/ideals), and her focus has shifted recently to her child and to motherhood. Transiting Neptune has been making a hard square (90-degree angle) to Mercury (communications), another indication of not having it easy lately.

The better news is that the Moon’s North Node (life destiny point) is currently in an exact trine (flowing angle) to its natal position, indicating a fated luck-point. Neptune (music/personal glamour) is also making a sextile (opportunity angle) to Saturn (accomplishments), and on Oscar night the Moon in Leo crosses her chart’s horizon—where it makes a flowing trine to the Midheaven, the point of reputation.

I think she’ll win. Despite other difficulties of which we may know nothing, Adele will probably need to clear space to accommodate the golden statuette which seems—even with all her other successes—to be her rightful due.


This year’s contest for Best Director is of course under the cloud of controversy which accompanied the absence of Ben Affleck, but it is a very strong category nonetheless. For the astrologer, the major difficulty here is that, other than Steven Spielberg’s, none of the directors’ charts has a known birth time. But we can see enough by looking at the aspects to make an informed choice.

First, we’ll look at Benh Zeitlin, nominated for Beasts of the Southern Wild.

A Sun-sign Libra, with Venus also nearby, Zeitlin has a natural pull toward the beautiful, even though Saturn (restrictions) and Pluto (obsessions) overload the Sign of the Scales and draw his attention toward life’s difficulties. With his Moon in Virgo, he is a meticulous craftsman, and I’m sure we’ll hear much more from him in the future.

Zeitlin’s Jupiter (planet of blessings) sits in mid-Scorpio, not far from where Saturn is currently making its retrograde station. That’s not a good sign for rousing success. Neptune (ruler of film) is also in a hard square to Uranus (the unexpected), another tough transit. Pluto (power) recently crossed his South Node (karma point), meaning that the nomination is a bit of a fated reward for him: it’s the gateway to bigger things. But there is little else in his chart to show him at the podium clutching a golden man. So his fate will steer him toward the future, rather than gaining recognition now.

Next up, the chart of Michael Hanake, director of the poignant Amour.

With his Sun in Aries, and Uranus, planet of sudden change, crossing that chart point last year, Hanake has had a major revival of his career. The flowing trine to Pluto (empowerment) has also helped. Hanake’s Moon (emotional nature) and Jupiter (great good luck) sit together at 14 degrees Gemini—which is where Jupiter is currently heading. But it’s not quite there yet, and while an every-14-years Jupiter return, with Moon in the mix, seems like extraordinary happiness and a possible indication of a win, there’s not much else that’s positive going on that would seem to be a clincher.

Neptune in Pisces is sitting in a 30-degree angle to his Aries Sun, which could be creative opportunity, but it’s behind the Sun-sign, rather than in front. So, this nomination may be a closing out point for Hanake’s career, rather than an indication of future things. As such, it seems to lack the astrological potency to propel him to the podium.

Now we come to a true hot prospect, David O. Russell, whose Silver Linings Playbook has become an enormous popular hit.

Russell is a Sun-sign Leo, and remember that the Moon on Oscar night is in Leo and in fact crossing his Sun’s exact degree at the time of the ceremony—so right away we know that he’s feeling great that night. Leo in astrology rules the physical heart, and Silver Linings is ultimately a love story. Russell’s Moon is at 11 degrees Scorpio—which, unfortunately, is the exact degree where Mr. Saturn (ruler of practical hardships) is retrograding as we speak. Despite the buoyancy elsewhere, it’s hard to see this as a win.

Pluto (power issues) is in a nice sextile (60-degree angle) to the Moon, but this is a psychoanalytical transit rather than a gathering of great honors. Jupiter (who bestows honors) is actually in a flowing trine to Venus, ruler of the arts, but it’s beginning to move off…diminishing its effectiveness. David O. Russell deserves a lot of credit for putting such a wonderfully human movie on the screen, but it looks as though his honors lie there rather than at the podium on Oscar night.

Now we come to Ang Lee, director of the wondrous Life of Pi:

Well, you couldn’t ask for more intensity: right now Ang Lee is under his second Saturn Return, where Saturn (responsibilities) returns to its natal position, here being 10 degrees Scorpio. This only happens once every 29 years, and represents a culmination point where one either earns rewards for past efforts or feels the weight of too much personal responsibility. It is never an easy time, although it can certainly be a time of great accomplishment.

With his natal Mercury (communications) sitting nearby, and Pluto (deep transformation) making a sextile (opportunity angle) to both Mercury and Saturn, Ang Lee’s chart has the gravitas which accompanies great things.

That empowering Pluto also sits near the North Node, or life destiny point— meaning that Ang Lee does have the aspects for a possible win.

On Oscar night, Mercury (communications) and Mars (action) sit directly opposite his natal Moon in Virgo, which hints that he’s truly in the mix. By the time the announcement is made, the Moon has crossed his Pluto in Leo (personal strength) and is moving toward a sextile (“open door” angle) to his Sun in the last degree of Libra. Ang Lee, in short, could win.

But will he? He’s facing a legendary director who has not won an Oscar in over a decade, and may be considered due. Let’s look now at the well-known chart of Steven Spielberg:

Hallelujah, we have his exact time of birth, so we can peg these aspects exactly. Spielberg’s Sun is in late Sagittarius, which funnily enough completes the Fire- and Air-sign “full house” that the cosmos has designed in the Best Director category this year. As the Moon on Oscar night is moving through late Leo (another Fire sign, remember), his chart is smoothly activated. With the Moon in early Scorpio, he’s always had emotional depth, but had to grow into his creative expression of it.

There are a couple of aspects that may have a disruptive effect on his night. Mercury and Mars (communications and action) make a nice flowing trine to the Midheaven, point of recognition, but they also sit precisely opposite Uranus, giver of shocks. A hard square (90-degree angle) to his masterful Saturn-Pluto conjunction also could bode ill. Can we actually see a loss here to Ang Lee? It does look astrologically possible.

But Saturn (accomplishments) is currently in Spielberg’s 5th House of creativity and sits in a precise, easeful trine to his Ascendant at 10 degrees Cancer. This is a pretty clear indication of personal recognition for one’s creative work. As Pluto (personal power) is sitting exactly on his 7th House cusp of relations with others (and therefore right on the chart’s horizon of personal visibility)—as well as making a sextile (opportunity angle) to Saturn, lord of dignity—it’s hard not to see him being given a standing ovation for tackling a weighty subject in Lincoln and being rewarded for it with the splendid gravitas of an Academy Award.

I think Steven Spielberg will indeed reap the fruits of his long labors and receive his just due on Oscar night, and it will make for an uplifting personal and also patriotic moment!





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