Seth Speaks about Navigating the Mediaverse™ – A How-To Guide [PODCAST]

A Content Creators Guide to Navigating the Mediaverse™ from an informal talk with Seth Jaret at the 2012 CineStory Writers Retreat.

Can writers continue consider themselves silo’d artists who  What kinds of opportunities does the hyphenate open up? Does having a reel, short film or web series that you directed or produced add value to your career?

In this informal talk from the 2012 CineStory Retreat, Seth Jaret, CEO of Content Engine, and Josh, a literary manager, speak to the question and the implications of the changing Mediaverse™ for writers and Content Creators trying to succeed in today’s Hollywood.

Josh, who otherwise wished to remain anonymous, is the other voice on the podcast. If you don’t *know* Seth Jaret’s voice, you can hear it on Hollywood Drive & Talk. And if you’re at all familiar with his concepts — Melange is the New Job Description, Redefine Failure, Don’t Ask Permission, Content Creator, Branding in the Mediaverse™ – you’ll know who’s speaking.

Thanks for listening! You’re sure to get both an introduction and an overview of the fresh outlook and empowering methodology that defines Content Engine.

For more on these topics, you should also read An Open Memo To Content Creators.

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